It is an Instragram Link-Up (5/14)

I love taking photo’s when we are out and about. Instagram is really fun way to share your favorite photo’s. Mom Only Has Two Hands on Tuesdays. It is much like Wordless Wednesday, but using Instagram photo’s instead!        

Cutest Smallest Animals Pictures

Recently Megan was looking at some tiniest animal pictures on the Internet that I thought were so adorable. I never knew animals existed that were this small! I have to say that one of my favorite itty bitty animals is the Marmoset. Mr. Peebles is the smallest cat in the world…and probable the cutest! Below is […]

Wordless Wednesday, March 6

Below are pictures I took outside our front window during yesterdays (March 5) snow storm here in Illinois! I believe we ended up with about 9 inches of snow. 🙂

Going to The Zoo and Visiting a Butterfly Garden

Visiting a Butterfly Garden Today we spent the day at our local zoo, Brookfield Zoo located in Brookfield, Illinois.  Part of our trip to the zoo was visiting a butterfly garden that we visit each year.  Also, each year that we go it is my daughter Megan’s mission to have a butterfly land on her. […]

A Storm is Brewing

Last week there was a storm moving in, which did not amount to much rain but the sky was very cool.  I took several picture’s and wanted to share them!

Wordless Wednesday 2011

Megan, when she was 2 years old setting a baby turtle free in Florida! 🙂 Megan in 2005 Releasing a baby Sea Turtle in Florida on the Golf Coast

Wordless Wednesday

Ethan, Megan and Anna

Wordless Wednesday

Ethan let Anna “borrow” a pair of his Thomas Jammies!2010