Simple Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Recipes by Disney

Valentine’s Day is in two days! Although my husband and I do not really celebrate that day, it is a special day for our children. Our children love holidays…all holidays. One of the things our kids like best about the holidays are all of the treats and desserts that come along with them. If you […]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards With Disney

Valentine’s Day is already this Thursday, are you ready? I have not even started shopping for the kids yet. I also have yet to even start on Valentine’s Day cards for my children’s classmates, and that is for three children. I really do not enjoy doing things last minute, but time seems to get away […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is drawing near, have you done your shopping yet? Last minute shopping can be a bit of a pain, not only because you are rushed but also because many of the more popular items may be a little difficult to find. This can create a situation where you are then spending more time […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope everyone had a wonderful day today. <3 Today wasn’t much different then any other day for me here.  My husband, who worked at the Fire Department all weekend, got home this morning and then had to leave a couple hours later for his full-time job.  He ended up having to […]