Change Your Mindset, Get Motivated to Exercise

It is time to get back to the mindset about exercise.  This summer was a very busy one, which left no time to get to the gym.  I am definitely starting to feel the effects of not exercising.  The smaller size I could finally fit into again is once again snug, and I just do not feel good about myself. I had been going 5 x’s a week prior to summer … then the kids came home, swim team started, etc.  Once you get off your routine, it is difficult to get that back again.

Exercise Motivation

Here are 5 ways to motivate yourself back to the gym:

Change your Mindset

When you look at exercise as a chore, or something you need to squeeze into your schedule it is not a very motivating attitude.  The first thing you need to do is change your mindset by getting the negatives out of your head.  Changing your perspective and looking at both the health and mental benefits is the first step to getting back into exercise mode.

Start Off Slow

Do not overwhelm yourself by taking it all on.  Not only will you be in dire pain, but your will burn yourself out.  I have a tendance to want to do everything, the problem is that it over complicates the commitment…it’s almost like there is no where else to go.  If you start off slow, your body and your mind will take in the new routine, leaving you pain free and not feeling burnt out.

Be Consistent

I can attest to this one!  Consistency is key to keeping you going back for more.  Once you skip a day or two you are already back in the mindset that you are too busy or that if you miss just one more it won’t make a difference.  Before you know you it, you are like me and the entire summer has passed you by and did not go at all.  Having a regular, consistent routine on going to the gym mentally prepares you and your body.

Do You Get Bored Easily?

There are some people who like to do the same exercise routine all the time.  For instance, you have your runners who will only run.  For me, I get bored too easily with doing the same thing every time I exercise.  I love doing aerobic exercise, but I tend to get too bored with the machines so I enjoy taking advantage of the classes.  At the gym I go to, there are different classes throughout the day and the schedule is different on a day-to-day basis.  The classes keep it exciting for me to go to the gym.  I then do the weights for toning a muscle building after the cardio work.

Take a Look at Yourself in the Mirror

Are you where you want to be physically?  For me, I’m 46 I truly do not feel it, but I do not want to look it either.  I have 3 young children who I want to be around for and I want to be able to keep up with them.  Exercise has always been important for me, but I feel it is more important now than ever because of my age. Taking a long hard look at yourself may be the key to getting back in shape.

Do It

I always feel so much better about myself and life when I walk out of that gym.  When all else fails, you need to “Just Do It”.

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