Choosing Healthy Summer Snacks For Busy Days

I cannot even believe we are going into the second full week of July. This summer is flying by way too fast. School let out late for us, June 10th, because of days the schools closed due to severely cold weather.

The kids are on swim team each year, which starts the week after Memorial Day weekend. However, with school getting out so late, the swim meets actually started the day before they were done with school. I feel like we have not stopped running since after Memorial Day weekend.

Once school ended, the kids had swim team plus dance was still in session since August 2015! Two of my kids were on dance team this year, and third took a couple of classes. We had the recital the third weekend in June, and the dance team competed at Nationals in Florida on July 2nd. They had a very successful year in dance, that really taught them a lot about being a part of a team and the responsibilities that come with that.

Healthy Summer Snacks

Needless to say, we have not had a lot of downtime this summer. Having an assortment of healthy summer snacks is essential for the kids. It helps maintain their energy and keeps their bodies nourished. Besides having plenty of fruit and water for hydration, we always have a variety of Horizon snacks.

healthy summer snacks

Horizon has a great variety of snacks that my children just love. Since having had dance all year long, the kids are used to preparing their own snack bags. I made it their responsibility throughout the year. With having to get so many other things together just to get out the door, making them take charge of a few things really helped out.

healthy summer snacks

I love how Horizon puts their own unique spin on things. Look at these cute Graham Crackers. Of course, they are of the cow jumping over the moon!


Look at their cheddar snack crackers, they are little cows!


Horizon is a staple in our house throughout the entire year since their shelf-stable chocolate milk goes to school with the kids every day. They love chocolate milk and enjoy being able to provide it to them thanks to Horizon!

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What are your go-to snacks when you and the kids are on the run?


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