Choosing The Right Cell Phone For Your Tween

I honestly had hoped to not cross this bridge with kids and cell phones until high school, if at all possible. However, next year Megan will be walking to school when she starts Junior High, so choosing the right cell phone for her has become essential.

Choosing The Right Cell Phone For Your Tween

choosing the right cell phone

It’s funny how when I was growing up, the cell phone did not exist. I walked to and from school every day and not having a way to communicate never even occurred to us. However, now that it exists, it’s almost like a life line. Plus, it’s a very different world from the one I grew up in. I would like Megan to have a way to reach us if necessary. Especially with her having anxiety, I know that it will be more of a source of comfort to her as well.

I am seriously considering getting her a phone for phone calls only. She has an iPod to use for texting, Internet connection, and games. Also, since she will be at school, I would not have to worry about her misusing the phone while there. My main concern with this route is her on the receiving end abuse from other kids. Truth be told, kids can be mean, especially when others have something different or without all the bells and whistles. With Megan’s history of generalized and social anxiety, that would be the last thing she would need.

I am asking you moms:

  • Where do you stand on this topic?
  • What type of phone did you get for your tween?
  • How did you handle any abuse of the privilege?

I know I can just take the phone away, but that defeats the whole purpose of having one in the first place. I am then back at square one of her not having a way to get a hold of me to or from school.

Please leave a comment below and let me know your experience in this area!



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