Moms, What Is On Your Christmas Wish List? Practical Ideas

As a mom, I rarely think about what I want for Christmas since it really is all about the kids. Well, it’s really about the birth of Jesus. However, for kids, Christmas is just a magical time of year.

My husband sent me an email last week with his  “Christmas Wish List” and asked me to do the same. Today he was giving me a hard time, saying I am not going to get anything for Christmas.  I have yet to send him a wish list.

Christmas Wish List

Christmas wish list

Once I realized I hadn’t sent him any information on my wants for Christmas, I sat down and started putting something together for him. I love practical things. Perhaps my wish list will spark some gifting ideas for someone on your list, or even for you!

Over the past couple of years, I have become a huge fan of cardigans. Not one’s with buttons, but the open one’s. They are so versatile. Plus, since my body temperature seems to change on a dime, they are perfect for layering. I also love wearing them around the house when I cannot get the chill out.

Practical Gift Ideas

I currently own a white cardigan, although that one is starting to fall apart, as well as a red one. I loved my white one a little too much and has worn out at the elbows. I really like the red, but the color isn’t as versatile. So, a black cardigan went on my wish list.

I love reading, crafting and knitting. When I was at Barnes and Noble last week I was looking at their book lights and accessories. Here are a few ideas I came up with at this store:

I love reading, especially at nighttime in bed. However, my husband seems to be bothered by all book lights, except for the light on the Kindle. I found a Natural Spectrum Flat Panel Book Light that I think would be the perfect solution.

I also found a small cookbook stand at Barnes and Noble that will work well for cooking dinner.

Lastly, I suggested a Collapsable LED Desk Lamp for when I’m crafting. It would especially come in handy in the evening when I knit.

My last things added to my wish list were from Eddie Bauer.

They are both Cardigans…

Cable Sleep Cardigan – for lounging and everyday wear in Heather Gray.

Women’s Lounge Around Cardigan – Made out of Plush Chenille! Yes, with wind chills of -20º F, I cannot get warm enough!


Moms and Dads – What is on your Christmas wish list?




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