Clean Your Teeth With Orbit For Kids Gum

This Clean Your Teeth With Orbit for Kids Gum post was written on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Orbit for Kids. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

There is a simple way clean your teeth between brushings. All you have to do is chew Orbit for Kids gum. That is about easy as it can get. Orbit for Kids Gum is sugar-free and is made with xylitol that not only helps prevent cavities, but also helps to neutralize plaque acids. Not to shabby for just a little ole piece of gum!

Clean Your Teeth

Clean Your Teeth

To clean your teeth with Orbit for Kids gum, it is recommended that you start chewing a piece of the gum within 15 minutes of eating or drinking. This helps to clear food debris from your teeth with the increase of saliva flow. This gum has been awarded the ADA Seal of Acceptance, which to me means a lot when it comes to protecting my children’s teeth.

clean your teeth with Orbit for Kids gum

Since I have three avid gum chewers, and I enjoy gum too, I was very excited to get to try out the new Orbit for Kids gum. We have been long-time Orbit gum chewers; in fact, it is the only gum we keep in the house! Our kids were so excited when the new flavor of Strawberry-Banana arrived at our house.

It is funny how careful you are not to expose your first child to things at too early of an age. When we had Megan we were adamant on when she could start chewing gum. Our age for gum was 4 years old. She was very excited when she turned that age because she knew she could finally have gum.

clean your teeth with orbit for kids gum

Although my kids are still working on their bubble making, the new flavor brought big smiles to their faces!

Then along came Anna and Ethan, Megan’s younger twin siblings. All the caution and care we took to not expose Megan to things at an early age went out the door with Anna and Ethan. Having an older sibling naturally exposed them to things at an earlier age. I believe Anna and Ethan had their first piece of gum somewhere between 2 and 3 years old! They have always been good gum chewers though – they never even went through a faze of swallowing their gum! Now I really appreciate the benefits of chewing gum for my children, not only does help to keep their teeth healthy, but it also helps to alleviate their need for wanting to snack all the time between meals.

You can buy this gum in two versatile sizes, a 14-tab envelope packages or Micro-Pack bags of 10, 6-tab multi pack. You can find it in the gum and candy aisle nationwide this month, July 2013!

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  1. Well, isn’t that cool? Our kids are older, but we like the Orbit brand in our house! Our kids would have been all over this when they were younger. Will keep it in mind for the younger nieces and nephews for sure!
    Brandie ( recently posted..Blueberry Tea PopsiclesMy Profile

  2. I have a soon to be 4 year old and five year old who both LOVE to chew gum! It is great that along with proper dental hygiene it can be a healthy habit to enjoy.
    Amanda recently posted..Make Your Own Handmade Designed Watercolor CardsMy Profile

  3. Awesome! My kids love chewing gum but I worry about all the sugar in the regular kind, I would def. buy this for my kids! Thanks!

  4. love this brand, sounds great for my kids – thanks!

  5. My oldest is always asking me for gum…glad to finally find one that he can actually have!

  6. When you sometimes forgot to brush their teeth, give them one of these to help them lean their gums in no time. Giving our kids a bright smile is one good thing to keep them away from cavities. Our kid’s teeth is very sensitive that’s why we have to protect them while they are young.
    Felt Family Dentistry recently posted..Kaysville DentistMy Profile

  7. I am definitely going to buy this for my child! If all I need to do to help prevent cavities is have them chew some gum then sign me up! My dentist, Renken Dentistry, in Georgetown, Tx, does a good job, but I need something to help between checkups haha.
    Evan Mecham recently posted..Top Parenting Hacks to Raising Kids with Good Oral HabitsMy Profile

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