Cold and Flu Season: Seventh Generation Disinfecting Products to the Rescue (Giveaway Sponsor)

cold and flu season

The cold and flu season just officially began the beginning of November and already Megan, our oldest, has had strep throat and the flu.  Plus, I have had an annoying cough for a couple of weeks now.  Unfortunately, I know this is just the beginning.  Anna and Ethan are in preschool and Megan is in elementary school, between the three of them we are doomed!

Seventh Generation offers everything you need to help keep your home as germ free as possible without all the harsh chemicals and they kill 99.9% of germs botanically.  The best way to prevent the passing of germs is by keeping our hands clean and killing the germs on all washable surfaces.  Seventh Generation has added some new products to their line to help us in our fight against germs:

Seventh Generation Purifying Hand Wash:  This is a new line of products that is gentle on hands which is wonderful since all the hand-washing in the winter months is a great recipe for dry hands. This formula is 97% plant-based, works into a nice lather and leaves hands feeling soft.  I love that this soap rinses so easily from your hands.  It comes in two scents, Lavender and Mandarin.  I love using the Mandarin scent in the kitchen and the Lavender scent in the bathrooms.

Seventh Generations’s Disinfecting Wipes and their new Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner are both powered by CleanWell.  CleanWell was the first to discover how to blend thyme oil to kill 99.99% of household germs. Plus, like Seventh Generation, they are dedicated to providing healthy ways to care for our families and homes.  It only makes sense that these two amazing companies partnered up to bring you great products that effectively disinfect.  Both of these products smell great and are very convenient.  I love using the wipes on door knobs, the toilet seat, handle and stair railing.  The spray is perfect for the countertop!

Seventh Generation Natural All Purpose Cleaner:  Is there non-toxic formula uses powerful plant-based and plant-derived cleaning agents that are tough on grease and grime without harsh fumes or chemicals.  This product works great on the stove for cutting through and cleaning up the grease.

Check out this adorable (but very scary) video below of the germ monster:

Win It:  This kit of new Seventh Generation disinfecting products, made up the 1 box of tissues, All Purpose Cleaner, Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner, Disinfecting Wipes, and two Hand Washes in Mandarin and Lavender scents, is currently one of 2 Seventh Generation sets that is available to one luck winner in the Green Christmas Gift Giveaway Hop on November 28 – December 7th.  This package retails for $25.50!

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