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It is nearly impossible to find comfortable headphones for kids. They either have the problem of falling out of their ears, or not being able to adjust the fit properly on the band that goes over the head.

Comfortable Headphones For Kids

Comfortable headphones for kids by CozyPhones.

CozyPhones are wearable soft fleece headphones by Halo Acoustic Wear. The speakers in these headphones are adjustable so you can get the perfect fit for your child.

To adjust the speakers follow these simple instructions:

  1. Simply place the headband over your child’s head and pull the band down to cover the ears.
  2. Mark the position of the ears, where the speakers should rest, using a piece of tape.
  3. Remove the headband. Then using two fingers, reach in the opening of the headband and separate the material from the flat speaker.
  4. Position the speakers in the areas you marked with the tape.
  5. Press the material around the speaker to secure placement. 

The speakers are ultra thin and have a durable extra long 52″ braided cable. The cable is designed to not kink, twist or break under normal use. Another awesome feature, since the speakers are removable, the headband is washable. However, it is recommended they be washed on gentle and then air dry flat.

comfortable headphones for kids by Halo Acoustic Wear. #CozyPhones

My son’s favorite color is green, but they also come in a very nice lilac color. However, both colors are gender neutral.

comfortable headphones for kids

My kids love these headphones. They enjoy the comfort, as well as the cute face.

CozyPhones has a great line of other products as well, that are perfect for adults to wear during sports, yoga, and meditation. They’re also ideal for children, college students, dorm life, shared apartments, noisy roommates and co-eds.

Shop the whole line of CozyPhones for the entire family. Currently, their entire line of products are on sale. Once you wear a pair these headband headphones, you’ll never want to go back to earbuds or bulky over the ear headphones.

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  2. Wow those are some super trendy headphones. Just by looking at the images I was not able to guess where are the headphones this article is talking about.

    For sure they are super trendy I will sure pick them up for my nephew he would for sure love them.

    Thanks Jodi for sharing them.
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