Cookware and Bakeware Products Introduced at Chicago Housewares Show

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Chicago Housewares Show with my husband and daughter. We had such an amazing time looking at all the great new cookware and bakeware products that will be introduced in the coming months. I also really loved seeing the trend that companies are making to be more environmentally conscious in the materials they use.

new cookware products introduced

New Cookware and Bakeware Products

There was row after row and aisle after aisle of companies from all over the world at the Chicago Housewares show displaying their new cookware and bakeware products. There are some amazing products coming out of companies such as Nordic Ware, Oxo, Wiltons Bakeware, Babble, Cool Gear, PopcornPopper, Microplane, Zoku, Hurom, Zak, Click & Grow, and many more.

safe nonstick cookware

Nordic Ware has some of the coolest cookware and bakeware. They have these great pancake pans that are perfect for kids, such as smiley faces, monsters, garden bugs, and more. What is unique about all of their products is that they insist that their coatings suppliers only provide them with PFOA-free coatings when developing new formulas. Additionally, their coatings and finishes do not contain any heavy metals.

safe nonstick cookware

Nordic Ware also has a huge selection of microwave safe cookware. In fact, they offer the largest selection of microwaveable cookware than any other manufacturer. There were items available for the microwave that I did not even know existed! They offer neat cookware items for the microwave such as an egg poacher, rice cooker, egg muffin pan, and a very cool potato stand for cooking your potatoes.


They also offer microwavable dinnerware, freeze-heat-serve food storage, and items that are ideal for “dorm” life. All of their microwaveable products are BPA-free.

Nordic Ware will also be introducing an outdoor entertaining line that will come in rich, vibrant colors. This line will include prep bowls, trays, and chip-dip bowls.  The trays, which resemble divided plates, are perfect to use with children for indoor and outdoor dining. This set will be made using only the safest of materials.

I also have to mention that they were showing off a kettle smoker that my husband was drooling over…literally. The smells coming from that smoker were amazing! This kettle smoker allows you to have the delicious flavors of smoked meats, seafood, game, pizza, and more right in your home.

Since there was so much to see at this housewares show, I will doing a series of posts introducing you to other companies and their products in the coming week.

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  1. md kennedy says

    I would so LOVE to attend this show – althoughh they’d probably have to drag me out kicking and screaming!. And the new Nordic Ware items look great!

  2. We’ve been in Food & Beverage for years and my husband was just showing me a Kettle Smoker a few weeks ago in one of the industry mags……we WANT one!!!
    I’m a freak for cool pots and pans, some are so gorgeous I’d probably never use them hahaha

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