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Digital Photo Memory Books

I always take a ton of pictures and then download them on my computer and there they sit.  I always have high hops of scrapbooking, but in reality I never make the time to do it.  So in the meantime the pictures just sit.  I was recently given a coupon as a gift to get a free “School Days” book.  This is a great way to create digital photo memory books to document your child’s school year with pictures and with writing.  I have been part of an affiliate program with Paper Coterie but had not done much with it since I really did not understand what it was about until I was given this coupon!

Life can get so busy between work, the kids, their activities, and taking care of the house that I tend to not make time to do “extra” things.  Creating the School Days book was an extra thing that I did not put on a schedule.  In my mind it was, I have time I will get it done.  Well it so happened that the last day I thought about it was the last day I had to get it done before the coupon was no longer valid.  I really wanted to take advantage of this offer so I quickly got my picture’s together and was able to create my book.

While I was creating my book I realized that, although I have a lot of picture’s I did not have a lot of picture’s of just one child.  I had a few individual pictures but most were with all three children together.  So the book I created is more for all three kids, although Megan will probably be able to relate the most.  Anna and Ethan are in pre-school so they can definitely be included in this book as well.  I am so excited that I got this book done.  It is absolutely adorable!

Below are some pages of the book I made through Paper Coterie.  They also sent me an adorable necklace (on the card below) as a gift for being a new customer!

Paper Coterie 1

Paper Coterie 2

Paper Coterie 3

There are several different things you can create on the Paper Coterie site, such as Books, Calendars, Cards, Decor, Documenting, Gift Cards, Journals, Memory Keepers, and Planners.  Creating something simple is a great way to get these images off your computer and put them into something usable, and they are adorable!

Paper Coterie is currently offering free journals to first time customers.  You can start getting your digital photos off of your computer too!

Free Journal

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  1. Those are so cute!! Thank you, I need to check into it!!

  2. Those are so cute!! Thank you for the post, I need to check into this.

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