Creating Fun Shopping Games With Kids Gets Things Done Faster

Grocery shopping with kids is not always the easiest way to get your shopping done. For me at least, it usually takes twice as long to get my shopping done, plus I walk out spending more and usually forget things on my list! However, recently when we were at Walmart doing our shopping, I decided to make a game of it.

Creating Fun Shopping Games

creating fun shopping games

My kids were grumbling a lot about having to go grocery shopping with me. They are just back in school and already have colds. I wanted to make this shopping trip as painless as possible on all of us. Each year our school has two big collections of Box Tops For Education that becomes a competition between the classes. The first collection is coming up in the next month.

Since we were shopping at Walmart, and they have some great bonus Box Tops that are worth 5 Box Tops. I wanted to get some of the Bonus packages for their school collection. I decided to make it a shopping competition between the kids. It was kind of like a Scavenger Hunt! However, since my kids are young, I didn’t want them out of me sight.

I knew the aisles the bonus box tops would be down, as we entered an aisle I would say something like “Someone needs to find cereal with 5 Bonus Box Tops.” For cereal, all three kids found a Bonus box. We go through cereal rather quickly, so I did allow them to keep those boxes.

creating fun shopping games

It didn’t take too long for me to realize that Megan was going to be top dog in finding the most. Ethan took it all in stride while Anna started to get a little grumpy about it. I had to take this picture below to get her smile to appear as though it wasn’t through clenched teeth!

creating fun shopping games

Although, it seemed once I had her retake this photo several times it seemed her grumpiness disappeared. She never did get grumpy about who found more and who didn’t after this picture. I think she started to realize this was just a fun game, and not about winning or losing.

creating fun shopping games

There were so many yummy food items the kids found with the 5 Box Tops bonus at Walmart, making it super easy to find products for every one of our meals. We even found bonus Box Tops for the kids snacks too.

creating fun shopping games

Overall, I would say was a very successful shopping trip. Not only did the kids have a blast searching for the 5 Box Top bonus items, but we were able to find a lot of items that will translate into more money towards their schools. The Walmart Bonus Box Tops offer is available on select General Mills products.

Now that we’ve played this shopping game, and see how much nicer it made our shopping experience, I think we may need to be more creative with all of our shopping trips!

creating fun shopping games

Shopping for Bonus Box Tops is a great way to bring in even more money to your schools. Shopping for the Bonus Box Tops at Walmart can definitely help your schools reach their goals even faster.

Shopping with kids is not always an ideal way to shop. What are some things you’ve done to make the process easier for everyone involved? 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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