Creating Healthy Habits For Body And Mind

A few months ago I started creating healthy habits with regard to my health and personal organization. Some changes needed to be made with my diet. I been gaining weight at fairly steadily pace for awhile now. It used to be fairly easy to lose weight, but as I’ve gotten older it takes more work to lose weight! Also, I needed to address my personal organization. Between work, home, and three kids school and activity schedules I needed to find a way to keep track of it all in one easy system.

Creating Healthy Habits

The healthy life changes I’ve made are switching to more of a Paleo Diet and Bullet Journaling.

Eating Paleo

First, I’ll start with the Paleo Diet. I have to admit, I am not 100% Paleo. However, I do try to make at least two out of three meals 100% Paleo. I am not always successful, but in the process I have lost 10 pounds. Yay me!

Creating healthy habits can make you feel better, inside and out.
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Losing weight was not my only reason for changing my diet. I have seen a lot of information on how it is also beneficial for lowering cholesterol, improves gut health, and gives you more energy. There are many other benefits too, but those are some of the important ones to me.

Bullet Journaling

The other change I made in my life was changing what I use for a daily planner. I am now keeping a Bullet Journal.

I’ve kept a planner for years, but I always find my planners to be missing one feature or another. Several months ago my sister told me she started keeping a Bullet Journal. A what?? Bullet Journal (or Bujo) for short was created by Ryder Carroll. The video below, created by Ryder Carroll, explains what a Bullet Journal is in a very short and concise way.

A Bullet Journal can be whatever you want it to be in the way of planning. What’s great is that it can evolve over time, tweaking it to work perfectly for you. Kara Benz at Boho Berry is really the expert on Bullet Journal Design. She is incredibly creative. However, as the video above shows, you can keep it as basic as you want.

Bullet Journal Layouts

Below is my daily spread. My handwriting is a something I am working on! However, I enjoy making it my “own”.

Creating healthy habits. Bullet Journal daily spread.

The daily spread is where I maintain my “to do” list. Throughout the day, I cross off the finished items. Whatever is not completed, I migrate to the next day. It also includes appointments for that day and kid’s activities.

Below is my weekly spread. In this section, I list my appointments for the whole week for business and persona. It is also the area I use to track other things throughout my week. Since I am still new to this, I have to admit the look of my weekly spread has changed many times over the months or even weeks.

Creating healthy habits.

Lastly, here is a look at my most recent monthly spread. This is where I track future appointments and or plans. I then earmark it with the page number identifying the appointment. I get many of my ideas from Boho Berry and Tiny Ray of Sunshine, with whom Boho Berry partners with on a frequent basis.

Creating healthy habits

Since I have been practicing both of these habits now for a few months, I thought it time to share. As a result of incorporating these two habits, I feel a lot less stressed and I have way more energy. In addition, my self-image is more positive as well.


Have you created some healthy habits you’d be willing to share? I’d love to hear some of the changes you’ve made.




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