Creating Peaceful Living Space With Lighting

creating peaceful lighting

I love playing with the lighting in our house.  I have found the type of lighting we have in our house can really affect the feel of the ambiance.  That is one of the reasons why I love this time of year with the Christmas tree.  Having just the lights of the Christmas tree on in the evening brings on such a peaceful atmosphere.  Once the Christmas tree is gone though, I still like to maintain that same sense of peace with our lighting.  Juno Lighting products offers a huge selection of lighting that can create whatever look and feel you want with your home.

Creating Peaceful Living Space

With all the chaos that comes with daily living, three children, and all the other elements of stress, creating peaceful living space has always been one of my priorities.  The lighting in my kitchen and dining room are on a dimmer, which is nice for dimming after we are finished in those rooms at night.  Our family room does have a single floor lamp with 2 different 3-way switches on it so the lighting can be changed in multiple ways.  Since that room is connected with the dining room and kitchen, being able to dim the lights in those two rooms has helped to create a more serene atmosphere.  I tend to shut off the light in the kitchen completely in the evening and just use a nightlight in there and the light above the stove.  I would love to get the lighting for under our kitchen cabinets at some point too.  I love the look and feel of those lights as well.

Our living room has a cathedral ceiling. We do have a ceiling fan with a light on it but that light is very bright.  Since we tend to not use that room so much we do not need a lot of lighting, which makes the lamp on the Indiana Cabinet more than sufficient.  We also have the stairs going upstairs in that room that has track lighting on the ceiling on a dimmer.  Between the lamp and the track lighting, creating peaceful living space is achieved.

What do you do in with your home decor to achieve peace and tranquility?  I would love to hear more suggestions!

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  1. I tend to play with lighting in my home as well 🙂

  2. we have christmas lights inside all year round they are the new led white and blue colors , one string only and they are very calming we have them in our living room and at night they are awesome…and the light bill is not affected :O)

  3. Julie Wood says

    I have a lamp just like the one in the picture. I like to create peaceful living spaces with lighting that is not to bright. My dog does not like bright lights, and I do not like bright lights. I have my lights dim in the evening because it helps me relax

  4. Stephanie from CT says

    Lighting IS so important, I try to have both bright ones, for working, and dimmer stuff for sitting around.

  5. Charlene Thomas says

    I hate bright lights!

  6. Kisha Cotton says

    this is a good idea and i love dim lighting!

  7. Dianna Thomas says

    I am not a bright light person , except for sewing–it hurts my eyes–I really enjoyed your thoughts on this and then to see so many enpying it also….thanks

  8. Kathy Smith says

    I love having dimmer switches for my lights. I like to tone down the light and just relax in the evening and read on my kindle.

  9. Donna George says

    Wall color and paint type is also important. If the wall reflects too much light or is too bright, you get a brighter feeling than you may want.

  10. I like dark little nooks with not a lot of light. I know its bad for the eyes, but I dont like reading with blaring lights and usually have a low level of light. Peacefulness for me is just having the TV off and low light.
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  11. I like dim lighting.
    Jenn Park recently posted..Family Vinyl Decal Car Window Kits Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  12. I can’t stand to have a room too dark, or too bright either. I’m gonna have to work on some new ways to light my living room now.

  13. I agree that lighting has so much to do with the mood of the room. I love it when it is time to turn lights on in the evenings. I even jump to open blinds in the mornings for the light.

  14. carla bonesteel says

    We love our Christmas lights so much, that we went out and bought small white lights…We hung them around the ceiling of the living room, and it’s such a perfect amount of light! WAAAYYY more peaceful than the big overhead light!

  15. I don’t care for a bright lighted room either, like when I am watching TV.

  16. Janelle Inlow says

    Good ideas.. love the dimlighting

  17. I like bright lighting, not sure why

  18. Brandon Ruiz says

    I usually leave the house lit pretty bright, however, I always reminisce on the soft, coffee shop lighting that my 6th grade English teacher used. It was a complete deviation from the norm, and It made use all want to read, and relax. Thanks for the picture, and for bringing me back to my favorite teacher Mrs. Allen!

  19. Thanks for the lighting tips. We have replaced all the bulbs with energy saving bulbs. I would just like to make the space for peaceful.

  20. Terri Hull Pernosky says

    I love changing my lamps from room to room and table to tale. I change up lampshades also red oned during holidays (Christmas and Valentines) nutral burlap for Sept,Oct,Nov, and French Motif during rest of year. Can really change the look of a room by moving lamps around.

  21. Michelle S says

    I need a sanctuary of my own, but lighting really does set the mood. I don’t like it too bright, but I always use energy efficient lighting where I can!

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