Creative Fundraising Opportunity With A Repurpose #Funds2Org

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Creative Fundraising Opportunity #funds2Org

There are many needs by a lot of people, yet rarely do they have enough funds to meet those needs. For instance, there are those who have lost a loved one unexpectedly, and are now in a financial crisis, others have major medical expenses due to life threatening diseases, or even diseases that require a lot of medical treatment, mission trips, wheelchair funding, money for victims of major natural, unexpected events. Truly, the list goes on and on and on.

Creative Fundraising Opportunity

However, as much as people want to help others, often times others do not have the flow of cash to help. Funds2Orgs is a turnkey solution to help people raise funds through shoe drives. Their shoe drive fundraisers gives you the opportunity not only raise the funds you need, but also helps saves lives to other countries in need by offering employment.

Here is some additional information via the video below:

By using Funds2Orgs to support your cause, you are not only raising the funds you desperately need, but also helping to save the environment by keeping those shoes out of landfills, and create well needed income for others in great need. They truly do offer a great solution for all.

creative fundraising opportunity

Micro enterprises, a term used in developing countries such as Haiti, Uganda, and India, are, by definition, small businesses with a minimal amount of employees and minimal capital. Due to a lack of formal jobs and training available to the poor, micro-enterprises add value to the economy by creating micro business, enhancing income, and lowering the overall cost of business.

Families in developing countries who receive shoes from Funds2Orgs are those who have little to no income or livelihood. The ability of donated shoes to be sold or repurposed, represent an opportunity for individual families and their communities to develop micro-businesses within their areas. It is the only possibility for true self-sustainability.

Funds2Go offers a new Micro-Enterprise Curriculum, which allows schools across the country to teach the importance of good business and the role of  micro-enterprises in worldwide communities. Their hope is that students are inspired to host a shoe drive fundraiser for their school to raise money and make a global impact.

The Micro-Enterprise Curriculum has four levels: Elementary, Middle, High, and Homeschool. Each level is broken into 5 Modules: General Business, General Marketing, Micro-Enterprise Fundamentals, Creating a Micro-Enterprise Business Plan, and Finance. Accompanying worksheets and a complete teacher’s guide for each module will help students understand the importance of local businesses/ Micro-enterprises and their impact on worldwide communities.

Interested in downloading a free curriculum? Download your copy today!

Can you or someone else benefit from a fundraiser? Please share this opportunity with them to help their cause or need!



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