Cutting The Cable Cord Can Be Liberating

We are cable-free, and I am not looking back. Cutting the cable cord was quite liberating when all was said and done! I could not accept paying close to $200 a month for service anymore. Although this did include TV, Internet, and Phone, it was a huge expense that I hated forking out. Even more so over the past couple of years since Netflix had gained such popularity in our house.

Cutting The Cable Cord

cutting the cable cord

A few months ago I had planned on discontinuing our service if I could not find a way to reduce our rate. At that point, the customer service representative was able to reduce our rate by almost $40 a month. This was supposed to be locked in for 12 months. However, within a month the rate started to increase. I meant to call to talk to someone about this, but it kept getting pushed aside. I knew it would be a long call, and quite frankly, I really did not relish the time it would take to “maybe” reach a resolution.

This weekend, I realized I took too long to make that call. The consequence was waking up to no Internet service. It took just over $400.00 to have our service turned back on, which was for two months of service. Paying so much money sickened me! We work really hard for our money and to see such a large portion of it go to Comcast every month was getting stressful.

We have now been cable-free for two days. Our phone service ended today, which may have been the same as our cable, but I already returned the cable box. 🙂 I replaced our cable box with the digital streaming player, the Roku 3. There are several free channels available with the Roku, but the two that I have found to be the most valuable is Netflix and Hulu Plus.

On Netflix, we can watch all the past seasons of popular shows and movies, but with Hulu plus we can watch current popular shows the day after they air. I did order an HDTV Antenna by Winegard, the FV-30BB FreeVision Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna. That just arrived today and has not been set up yet. However, with the antennae we should be able to access all local channels for free!

cutting the cable cord

My sister and her family have been using this Antenna for a few years now. They do not feel they have missed out on anything by not having a cable or dish service. I don’t believe we will feel we’ve missed a whole lot either when I have to pay only $58 a month as opposed to $196 a month. This will save us $1656 a year!!

I did keep our Internet service with Comcast. Honestly, I could not find anything comparable in our area. It seems at one point there were a ton of companies offering services, but that does not seem to be the case anymore.

At what point do you say enough is enough?



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