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With a husband that works a lot and having 3 children, it is so nice when I can get a little reprieve every now and then.  Most of the time that entails taking a nice long hot shower! Thanks to my new Danze Shower Head – I may never want to get out of the shower again!

Shortly after we moved into our current home we replaced the shower head in the bathroom with a handheld one.  At the time, Megan was very young so it was a bit easier to put her in the bathtub and then wash her hair using the handheld.  This was also very convenient to use for Anna and Ethan well. Since we had this handheld shower head for several years at this point, I was excited to receive an offer to review a Danze shower head.  Our handheld was looking rather rough around the edges, plus we had really low water pressure with it and we really didn’t need the handheld any more.

When our shower head arrived my husband installed the new one while I was out running errands, unbeknown to me until I came home and he told me to go upstairs and look in the bathroom shower!  There it was in all its glistening glory, our new beautiful shower head!  It only took a few minutes to install and came with easy to follow instructions and plumbers tape.


I was very excited to try out the new shower head, so I did immediately.  First of all the water pressure is amazing!  I didn’t know we had that great of water pressure here.  🙂  Those 40 little jets are amazing and they feel so relaxing a massaging.  It optimizes water intensity even at low pressure levels.  Also, it has what’s called “Pressure Manifold Technology” which basically means it maintains your shower water temperature within 3 degrees Fahrenheit.  So basically if you are in a home, like ours, and your water temperature all of sudden is freezing when someone flushes a toilet this technology will prevent that from happening. This is such an added bonus, I didn’t know this technology even existed.

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Sponsor Spotlight on Danze

First off, Danze is WaterSense certified and their products meet EPA criteria. They are the creator of over 20 named collections of beautifully designed toilets, vanities, faucets, showerheads and bath accessories.  I am very excited that Danze will be my sponsor for the upcoming Christmas in July event by Sweep Tight.  This event will take place starting July 16 and ending on July 27th.  One lucky winner will be able to win one of these Danze shower heads which retails for $63. You can get a head start on some of the giveaway entries by liking Danze on Facebook, and following them on Twitter and Pinterest!

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