Day 3: 31 Day Blog Challenge – What Makes You Happy

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Today’s challenge is to answer the question “What makes you happy?”. There are a number of different ways to go with that answer. There certainly are a number of things that make me very happy for the moment.

Some of my favorite things in life that make me happy are:

  • my kids
  • my husband
  • God
  • my church
  • my closest friends
  • checking on the kids before I go to bed and seeing them all sleeping so peacefully
  • watching the kids when they are all playing nicely with each other
  • movie nights
  • caramel corn
  • my dog
  • sand between my toes
  • chocolate
  • ice cream
  • sunny day

However, for true happiness I think that does have to come from inside you. There have been times when I have said “If only…”, and when the “if only’s” happen they are never enough. For example, if only I had more money…it never seems to be enough. Finding that peace and joy from within can be challenging, for me at least, on too many days. I really have to just stop and be happy with what is.

What makes you happy?

31 Day Blog Challenge – March Edition

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