Dealing With Stress and the Myths Surrounding It

When it comes to dealing with stress, how much stress is normal? Also, is stress really a necessary part of life? Unfortunately, there are some popular myths about stress that can be inaccurate or detrimental.

dealing with stress

Dealing With Stress

Here are some myths about stress and what you should watch out for.

1. Some Stress is Good
This is actually true to a degree. Stress makes up your flight-or-flight response, so it is important to have that type of response when necessary. However, stress is only good in small doses. Stress is basically a sudden burst of hormones that can help you execute assignments more quickly, which is considered “good”. However, chronic stress or stress that lasts more than 24 hours is not good or healthy.

2. Stress is Unavoidable
Some stress in life is unavoidable. Things do come up unexpectedly, such as the “need it done yesterday” deadlines or a potential accident that may elicit a sudden surge of hormones. However, feeling stressed all the time is avoidable.  Even though we cannot always control or choose each circumstance or situation, we can practice changing our mindset and how we respond to different situations.

3. All Stress is Caused by Circumstances
This is only partly true. Stress is actually quite complicated. Sometimes it is how the circumstance is perceived. Whereas other times there are situations that are intrinsically more stressful. For example, someone who has anxiety (me) perceives situations, which may not affect the average person, to be a lot more stressful. This is where learning different coping mechanisms come in very handy.

4. Stress is Part of “Making It”
You do not have to be a stressed-out individual to “make-it”. Being successful is more about working diligently, making good use of your time, and passion. Of course there are other significant elements that go along with that, but being stressed is not one of those required components.

5. Stress is “No Big Deal”
Stress is a big deal when it is chronic, consuming, and starts to cause health related problems. However, if you do find yourself going through some stressful times, leaning how to manage your response to it will help you come out on the other side no worse for wear.

The bottom line here is that some stress is actually quite normal. However, if you feel that stress is a constant factor in your life, then this is the time to seek help to learn some stress management coping techniques.



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