Decor Faux Pas Clash Of the Cushions Days before Thanksgiving

Several years ago my sister gave us their couch. They were getting new furniture and no longer needed this piece of furniture. We were, and still are, very grateful for it since it was the perfect size for our family room. Well, after years of the couch being tormented by three children, it was desperately in need of a facelift. The fabric around the cushions had thinned out so much it was starting to get large rips in it.
clash of the cushions

My sister told me the couch is by Michael Gold. I am not familiar with this designer, but apparently it is very expensive. I looked into getting replacement cushion covers through Michael Gold, but it was too expensive, and way too complicated! In the meantime, Rob knew of a fellow fire fighter who had is whole couch reupholstered by someone locally and was very happy with it.

This past Friday, November 21st, Rob was off work and decided this was the day he was going to look into getting the cushions redone. He brought in the cushions, plus one of the pillows with the flower pattern and colors so we would not get anything that clashed. Unfortunately, I was not feeling well. I had a bad sinus headache.

Amazingly enough, he finished the cases by the end of the day! The cases are a heavy duty material and turned out very nicely. However, when we came home and put them on our couch, this is what we ended up with:

Decor Faux Pas

decor faux pas

AKA: Clash of the Cushions

Perhaps you can envision the horror on my face. I’m sure you can, because it is probably on yours right now. I had many thoughts running through my head at this particular point. One of them was my sister would be here in just a few day for Thanksgiving. My sister has an interior designer background, and I think this would send her over the edge!

The next day, Saturday, I called the man who did the upholstery. He was a little difficult to understand with his thick accent. However, it sounded to me that he had questioned my husbands decision with choosing that particular material. I told him I had a photo and would email it to him so e could see what we are dealing with and go from there. At that point, he had me talk to his daughter. Now I do have to say, that this is someone who does this for a living. He brought the fabric out to show my husband. So I do not agree with his rendition of the story. However, I wasn’t there.

On Sunday when I didn’t hear from him I started looking into other options. I did end up ordering a sand colored slipcover from Overstock. I paid for expedited shipping to ensure it would be here by the end of the day on Wednesday. This way, at least the couch will not be quite so embarrassing for Thanksgiving!

As I am writing this post to you, I check my email and see that we finally did get a response from the Upholsterer. In the email, he says they can make a slipcover to match it to one of the colors on the cushions with plain fabric. Then they would make pillows out of the other color. It does not say anything about price, which is something I am rather curious about.

I am curious to see how this slipcover looks from Overstock. I am praying it fits nicely and the colors workout. I am also very curious about the offer from the upholsterer.I will keep you updated with photo’s of the couch with the new slipcover, and the cost involved in getting the slipcover made from the upholstery place.

Please wish me luck! 🙂

What would you do at this point?



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