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I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  In this sponsored post for Collective Bias and their client, I used the Walgreens Answers 24/7  chat to discuss digestive health solutions. As always, statements are mine and yours may differ. #WalgreensAnswers

For many years now I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  I have searched for digestive health solutions that work over the years, and there are things that have helped. If you have suffered from IBS, then you know how painful it can be. As well as how difficult it can keep healthy digestive system. However, Answers at Walgreens may be just what I need to find the digestive health solutions I need to help combat IBS.

Answers at Walgreens

IBS has been a chronic condition since my early twenties, which is over 20 years of dealing with this. You would think by now I would be an expert, right? Well, I’m not. I go through long stretches when I do not get a flare up and then for whatever reason I start getting bouts of IBS, or spastic colon, again. It is extremely painful, and horrible if you happen to not be in your own home during the flair up. I am aware of my triggers, which are mostly high stress or a meal that has really rich food.

Digestive Health Solutions

Since I am aware of my triggers, I have learned a lot in stress management and I avoid meals that have very heavy foods. However, it does not ever go completely away. What I would like to do, is try to find other digestive health solutions to prevent the flair-ups even further. This is where I can use Answers at Walgreens to get the additional support and information I need to help be as healthy as possible.

When accessing the Walgreens chat, it is called Ask a Pharmacist. I had a little bit of a hard time finding exactly where the chat was, since it was not very obvious. So when you go the Walgreens website, click on the Pharmacy and Health tab and then under Pharmacy Services, you will see a link that says Pharmacy Chat.


When accessing the chat, I did have to register with Walgreens in order to be able to chat. This was a very simple, and painless step. Plus, at the time you are also registering for their Balance Rewards Membership. After registering, I clicked on the link that said “Close and proceed to chat with a pharmacist”, which involved no wait time.

digestive health solutions

There were two different avenues I went with the pharmacist. The first part of my question was dealing with the issues during an IBS outbreak. The pharmacist recommended the over-the-counter medicine of Pepto-Bismol to control the diarrhea. When I get my outbreaks, it usually starts as constipation and then after few days I get blotted and then cramping that feels like contractions. These are quite painful and have actually caused me to pass-out before!

Answers at Walgreens

The second part of my questions was how to help prevent the constipation in the first place. I have been told probiotics could be an effective supplement for me, but I was not quite sure where in the process it helped. The Pharmacist at Walgreens was great with telling me how this could help regulate bowel movements to prevent constipation in the first place.

There is no “cure” for IBS, but whatever I can do to reduce the frequency of breakouts the better. 🙂

Of course, the pharmacist does recommend discussing your health issue with your doctor, but this is a great service to help you some of the basics of your particular health concern.

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  1. Wow, I certainly understand why my son who is studying pharmacy needs to know so much. He almost consulting like a doctor!

  2. Oh I love that pharmacy chat option! I sometimes get prescriptions and forget information about it all the time. Like if there are meds or foods they shouldn’t be taken with, dosages after the first initial few days (sometimes the dosage changes based on symptoms, etc). It’s nice to have the option to chat with someone to help figure things out.

  3. I didmt know there was this live Walgreens chat for pharmacist advice. I always ask their pharmacists for advice, even for iver the counter remedies, they are great.

  4. How convenient. So glad that you were able to find some answers.

  5. How neat that you can get advice like that on the computer!

  6. I am constantly getting impressed by the steps Walgreens take to bring convenience into health care

  7. I love that they have a chat option. Thank you for sharing that with us. There are so many questions that I usually have about my prescriptions and such. This will help so much!

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