Doing My Part for Earth Day

We have a membership to The Morton Arboretum located in Lisle, Illinois.  It is really an awesome place, that is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the planting and conservation of trees. Its 1,700 acres hold more than 222,000 live plants.  The Arboretum grounds have magnificently tended trees, 16 miles of hiking trails, 9 miles of roads, and 900 acres of natural areas including the prototypical, restored 100-acre Schulenberg Prairie.  Also on the grounds are the Visitor Center and Plant Clinic, The Arboretum Store, Ginkgo Restaurant and Café, four-acre Children’s Garden, one-acre Maze Garden, an environmentally-friendly parking lot, and a paved walking trail around restored Meadow Lake.  LOVE IT!

Every year they have a plant sale that is offered to members.  I believe I have ordered a tree every single year!  We live in a rather small house with not a lot of yard but after this latest purchase we will have 8 trees in our little yard!  When we moved to our house we had, and still a beautiful CrabApple Tree, we have also planted an Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry, Wintergreen Hawthorne, Red Oak Tree, Autumn Blaze Maple, Miyabe Maple, Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac, and my newest purchase is a Red Buckeye!

Every year we take a picture of our Crabapple when it blooms, usually with the kids, I took one photo real fast one day while I was on my way some where and my husband got of the kids under the tree on Easter.  He took the picture really low though. lol

The Red Oak tree was actually a freebie at one of the park districts.  They had a bucket full of different Oak trees for Arbor Day so you could just take one.  Basically it was a stick with a rootball.  I had no idea how big it would get until I looked it up!  They are fast growers too – 2 feet a year for the first 10 years.  Something got to it though and ate it down to the ground.  I honestly thought it was a goner, but already this year the nub has little sprouts coming off of it!  Much to my husbands dismay and, I think a little frustration.  I know it’s huge for such a little yard, but I can’t just yank it.  It’s a tree!

Here is a picture of the tree for this year:

I am also adding to our perennial garden with:

Big Blue Sea Holly                                                           Dragon Tails Hosta

Bright Eyes Garden Phlox

Little Goldstar Black-Eyed Susan                         Purple Pillow Gray-Leaved Geranium

I am very excited that I get to pick up all my new plants and my new baby tree next Friday, April 27!

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