Easy Crafts For Kids That Break The Boredom

This week has been a real bummer. My kids have been on Spring Break, and have also had the stomach flu the first half of the week. I had a lot of fun things planned for this week, but so far, have had to cancel them. The kids were getting tired of being stuck indoors, so finding easy crafts for kids became a necessity.

Easy Crafts for Kids

Beads…if you have girls, you probably have beads. They are very popular with girl’s craft projects. For the project we did today, we created sun catchers with beads, a muffin pan, and an oven!

I gave each child a small bowl of beads, and they each had their own row in the muffin pan. You can also use a cake pan, and different shaped pans. The beads we used, we happened to have for making necklaces. You can either make different shapes in the beads or just randomly put them in the pan.

fun crafts for kids

fun crafts for kids

The beads we happened to have were somewhat round and diamond cute, making it a little difficult for the kids to make into shapes. I would recommend using Pony Beads, which are pictured below. Those beads have flat surfaces and are much easier for little hands to arrange. But, since we were in pinch, we used what we had on hand!

fun crafts for kids

I had a little fun using the beads to make a smiley face for one of the sun catchers. I did find it easier to arrange the beads with a toothpick.

easy crafts for kids

Once the kids filled all of their muffin holes, it was time to bake them. I pre-heated the oven to 400 degrees and placed the pan in the oven. Typically it should take about 20 – 25 for the beads to melt completely, but I believe because these beads were different, it took about an hour for them to melt. Even after an hour, the beads were still not entirely melted.

easy crafts for kids

Here is what the sun catchers looked like after I took them out of the oven. The side that shows still looks a little bumpy. But, with these cooking in the oven, it did let off a rather nasty odor from the melting plastic. I had opened all the windows, but started to get a little nervous with it taking so long. 🙂

easy crafts for kids

Once I got the sun catchers out of the muffin pan the other side was very smooth. They were super easy to get out of the muffin pan. All it entailed was turning over the muffin pan and knocking on it a couple of times and then they fell right out.

easy crafts for kids

Below is my smiley face. 🙂

easy crafts for kids

To hang these, all that needs to be done is have a small hole drilled into the top of it and use fishing line to hang the up. You can connect multiple sun catchers together.

How do you break the break the boredom in your home when your kids are stuck indoors for too long?



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