Easy Crochet Projects for Beginners at Craftsy

Remember when I said I was taking a class through Craftsy to learn how to Crochet? Well, I am well on my way in learning how to crochet. In fact, I am now on my second class and wanted to share with you some easy crochet projects I have learned so far in my classes. I have to tell you that from what I have already experienced I can tell you it is highly addictive. If I am not blogging, or doing something with the children…I usually have hook in hand!

My experience so far with Craftsy classes has been very positive. They are all available online so you can watch them at your own pace. If there is a step you are having trouble with you can pause and remind as often as you want until it makes sense. There is also a class discussion section so you can have questions answered by other students or even the teacher. Once you are enrolled for these classes, they are available to you forever. So, you can always go back to review them when you want.

Easy Crochet Projects

I started off by taking the Crochet Lab Class and am now currently enrolled in the Crafty Crochet Embellishment Class. Both of these classes are great for beginners, but I liked started with the Crochet Lab Class since that has some nice easy crochet projects that are great to build upon.

Whether you are brand new to crochet or have been away from it for a long time and need a refresher class, the projects you learn are very practical. One of the first things we learned was how to make a chain use a single crochet stitch. It seems that most everything you do in crochet begins with a single chain crochet stitch, so this is something you really want to practice.

Single crochet chains are actually rather nice to have around since they can used as part of your gift wrap. I used some of my chains to tie off a stack of cards I had just made. I can now use my single crochet strands to tie off cards and envelopes before sending them off to people who have purchased pre-made packages.

easy crochet projects

We then learned the double-crochet, half-double crochet, and how to make a granny square. With the double-crochet we were asked to make a “tech” cozy of our choice. I made a cozy for my MacBook Air since I frequently bring it with me but do not have a case for it.

easy crochet projectsThis was a fun project since it taught your how to stitch the sides closed, a little embellishment, as well as a button with a loop closure.

Our last project was making a granny square. I had made my first one, but noticed there were areas that I used the wrong amount of stitches so I did make a second one then. These granny squares do not lie flat in these pictures! To get these squares, or anything in crochet or knitting, to lie flat you have to use blocking. This involves mounting them to a flat surface and spraying with water, then leaving them in place overnight. I have not done this yet with these squares.

easy crochet projects

My first granny square – some hole areas have 2 stitches going through them instead of 3.

easy crochet projects

My second granny square with the correct amount of stitches and a different colored border.

I need to practice more on all of these, since I feel my stitch is very uneven! I am currently making a scarf for my daughter. I have taken out and redone a ton of rows since they kept coming out uneven. However, I am pretty much done with the scarf, but want to add a scalloped border and a couple of crocheted flowers. I am learning these techniques in the crochet embellishment class I am signed up for now.

When learning new stitches, and before making any project, it is recommended that you make a swatch. When making my first swatch for the single stitch crochet – my square turned into a trapezoid. I then created a small square swatch, counting stitches so I would get the rows even.

easy crochet projects

My square (trapezoid) single crochet swatch!

easy crochet projects

My second square single crochet – small swatch.

I will post picture’s of Anna’s scarf when it is done! I am very excited with how well it is turning out.


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