Easy Knitting Project For Beginners – Convertible Mitts

I’m finally done with my first “big” knitting project. Despite this being an easy knitting project for beginners, it took me almost two years to complete a pair of convertible mitts. The only excuse I have for it taking so long is that there were many long periods of time with no knitting.

Easy Knitting Project For Beginners

Easy knitting project for beginners. Convertible mittens

Two Christmas’ ago I had this brilliant idea to make two sets of these fingerless convertible mitts. One set for my daughter and the other set for my sister. I found a great, free, pattern on ravely. At that point, I was rather overzealous and started both pair of mittens at the same time.

Easy knitting project for beginners. Convertible mittens with purple and off-white yarn.

I quickly realized working with dark yarn is very challenging. As knitting novice, it never would’ve occurred to me how hard it was to see your stitches with dark yarn. This was especially true in the evenings. While I was plugging away on Megan’s mitt set, my sister’s was being rather frustrating.

By Christmas, I had completed only one of Megan’s mittens and only ended up having the cuff done on one of my sister’s mittens. I had restarted my sister’s project several times at this point. Once Christmas passed and the weather started changing, my sense of urgency went away.

I did not knit at all throughout the Spring and Summer, only just picking up my needles again within the past couple of months. At that point I knitted Megan’s other convertible mitten, but never did the finishing touches. I still needed to secure the loose strands, put a loop into the top of the mitten, and sew on a button.

Easy knitting project for beginners. Convertible mittens in light blue and off-white.

Making Use Of Travel Time

Recently we drove down to the Shawnee National Forest for a few days for Spring Break. Since it’s a 5 hour drive, I had the brilliant idea to bring my knitting along for the ride. I was not only able to complete Megan’s set of mittens, but finished one of my sister’s mittens and started on her other one.

Since then, I completed my sister’s other mitten. However, I ended it up taking in apart…completely! I noticed the cuff on the one mitten had less rows than the other. I couldn’t figure out how to add on rows to the bind-off without it being obvious. The more I tried to unravel the bind-off and at least one row, the more the project digressed. There was no salvaging the mitten at this point.

I am hoping all this work with the dark yarn will supply me with plenty of practice for the future. I’m excited to get this project done so I can start on my next one!

If you are looking for knitting or crochet patterns, I would highly recommend Ravelry. On their website, it’s easy to search patterns based on the complexity of the project, the type of project, type of yarn, amount of yarn, and even the average project rating.

If you knit or crochet, where do you get your patterns? Also, do knit or crochet year-round?





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