Effectively Remove Stains and Odors with Perky Plus Stain Remover

Perky Plus

Effectively Remove Stains And Odors

Recently I was asked to review Perky Plus All-Purpose Stain Remover.  Since I have a household with 3 children, a dog and a cat we get a lot of stains on the floor so I need a cleaner that will effectively remove stains and odors.  I try to minimize as many stains as possible by enforcing rules as to where the kids are to eat (at the table), and taking shoes off before they walk in the house.  But try as we might, stains occur.

We have an older cat who tends to get very excited when it is time to eat.  If she is too excited she eats to fast and then yaks it up all over the floor.  The worst is when it is on the stairs and I am unaware of it being there.  She also really likes to eat certain types of material, which happens to be the netting type of material that oh so many things are made out of for little girls and their doll toys.  I am really good at making sure the kept out of reach of the cat, but the kids are not so conscious of that so every once in a while…

Honestly, when I signed up to do this review I thought for sure it would be on stain from the cat or the kids on our carpeting.  When we bought the home the main floor is carpeted with a light color, which shows stains up in a really bad way.  With kids I am learning that you have to be quick on your toes and what are planning is not always what will occur.

The day after I received my product sample, my one daughter Anna woke up with blood all over her face, hair and arms.  She had a bloody nose during the night and did not wake up from it.  Poor baby, I got her right in the shower to get her cleaned up and then took a look at her bed.  It was actually really gross.  I do not have a very strong stomach for these types of things, actually as a child I used to faint at the site of blood!  After I pulled off her sheet, I found that the blood had soaked down into her mattress.  I decided there was no time like the present to try out Perky Plus All-Purpose Stain Remover.

The size of the stain was, um rather disturbing – so I apologize if this really grosses anyone out!  But I was really happy to see how much better the mattress looked after using the stain remover.  I had discovered this right before we were leaving to go somewhere so I only had a chance to do the one application.  By the time we got home it was dry and I needed to get the kids to bed.  I am quite sure it would have come completely out with one more application.

Sample Stain

Stain Removal With Environmentally Safe Ingredients

Perky Plus was engineered by Professional Carpet Cleaners, and was designed to take on everyday household messes and spills.  It is stain removal with environmentally safe ingredients, is non-toxic and non-flammable.  It works on stains such as oil, paint, grass, blood, juice, grease, and more.  What really puts Perky Plus ahead of the other stain removers is that the squirt top that not only dissolves the stain but also neutralizes odors on contact giving your carpet and fabrics that brand new look and smell.  This allows it to effectively get down to the source of the stain.  This product was developed for the general public by Groom Industries, who have been making professional cleaning supplies for over 35 years.

Perky Plus Stain Removal

For an environmentally safe product, that is very effective at stain removal check out Perky Plus All-Purpose Stain Remover.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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