Egg Decorating Ideas by Disney’s Spoonful

Are you in search of last minute egg decorating ideas like I am? Nothing like waiting until the last minute right? I have seen so many amazing egg decorating this year, more so than ever before. I really want to try something new this year. Every year we do the Paas egg decorating, and although those have gotten more and more creative there are way more cool ideas to explore.

egg decorating ideas

Egg Decorating Ideas

Disney’s Spoonful has some really creative egg decorating ideas. I love this leaf print egg decorating, that is one that I am definitely going to try today! It is so unique and pretty. It does not seem overly complicated either. All you need are the eggs, leafs, nylon stockings, and rubber bands. They used some cool herb leafs such as cilantro, mint, thyme, and then fern.

egg decorating ideas

This is also a very cool idea using melted crayons! Don’t those look totally cool? Hmmm, we may have to try this technique out too. I have a feeling we should have started egg decorating before today. This seems like a pretty easy process for decorating eggs. While the eggs are warm you color them with the crayon. For the speckled effect, you can grate the crayon and sprinkle it on the egg.

egg decorating ideas

Another great egg decorating idea is with the use of rubber bands! Who would have thought that the most basic household items could be used in such a creative way? This is a very easy process as well. Parents may have to help a little with the rubber bands for younger children. Once the rubber bands are in place, it is egg dyeing time!

egg decorating ideasNatural Egg Dyes

You can make some great natural egg dyes right at home using items such as yellow onion skins, red cabbage, canned beets, and more. There are some great ideas on what to use and how to make natural dyes on Disney’s Spoonful website!

Since Spoonful is a Disney site, it is a wonderful resource for creating things with kids. Whether it is for crafts, cooking, or creative play ideas, Spoonful has it all.

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  1. Ruth Hill says

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jenna Wood says

    I never thought of using rubber bands!

  3. those eggs are brilliant!! I love the leaf idea! Stunning!
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  4. What great ideas!!!! Those eggs are amazing!

  5. OMG the the top ones are my absolute favorite. Those are absolutely beautifully decorated Easter eggs. I am going to have to try that with my family.
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  6. I like the top ones with all the natural leaves. Very Pretty.
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  7. They are all very pretty but the eggs with the leafs are beautiful!!!
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  8. These are so pretty. We did not decorate eggs this year, but I will pin for next year.

  9. such pretty eggs and ways to decorate!

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