Embracing Life’s Challenges with Grace #ThankfulThursday

Embracing Life’s Challenges

Tuesday started off just like any other ordinary weekday. That was, until my kids came home from school and a fairly traumatic event occurred. I’m pretty sure I lost 10 years of my life, but I’m learning that embracing life’s challenges makes it so much less stressful!

Embracing life's challenges in scary situations.

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Normally my kids take the bus home from school, but this particular day I was helping a fellow mom out. I was picking her kids up from school for her so she could take her son to the doctor, I picked mine up as well. Due to all the snow we had last week, and then the recent warm up, we have huge icicles hanging from the roof. There is one in particular by our front door we have been watching.

Upon coming home, my son wanted to show his two friends our huge icicle. Before he started to walk towards the front door, I warned him to be extremely careful since it was a sheet of ice over there. I continued to go inside the house through the garage, so I could grab the dogs before they came in the house.


The Event

This is when life changed on a dime. My son came running into the house screaming, “I fell, I fell”, with blood gushing from his chin. I do have to mention at this point, I used to faint at the sight of blood, but still tend to faint easily in certain situations. So, seeing him run into the house in this state almost immediately sent me into a panic. However, I was able to pull it together for my kids and their friends.

It was imperative that I push down my panic, put on a strong front for my son, his twin sister, and their two friends. Rational thought was crucial, with needing to take proper steps to get my son the proper care. I grabbed a clean cloth, applied pressure and called 9-1-1.

Long story short, I ended up driving him to urgent care, since stitches were definitely required. His biggest fear was the stitches, fear of the unknown. I get it! The nurse and doctor were amazing at the facility we visited. He received a total of 15 stitches, 6 are internal and dissolvable and the other nine are external and will require removal.

Embracing life's challenges does make you grow as a person.

My kids have never really been in a serious situation such as this. The wound was so deep and scary looking.  By the time the paramedics arrived, I was able to apply enough pressure that the bleeding had drastically slowed. Prior to leaving for urgent care, I made arrangements for the kids at the house, contacted my daughter who was on her way from high school, and left a message for my husband. Admittedly, I am proud of the way I handled this event. Although, I believe it mentally strained me since the next day, I was absolutely exhausted!

Was there an event in your life that made you have to control the panic?

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I am a work from home mom who dearly loves her 15-year-old daughter, 11-year-old boy/girl twins, and husband. I love my life and feel very blessed by what God has provided for me.


  1. My daughter was born with a congenital heart defect. She is doing well, but she’s had to have a couple of surgeries, and she still needs one more when she gets older. I really had to hold on to myself when the doctor told us she had this issue.
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  2. Very inspiring and I loved the way you handled everything when your son was injured and needed to be taken to the hospital. I haven’t had to deal with something like this before.


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