Father’s Day Gardening Gifts – Useful Tools to Help Make Dad’s Life Easier

Father’s Day Gardening Gifts

I know, I know, Father’s Day is this weekend and I’m just now posting ideas. However, there have to be so of you out there who are like me and wait until the last minute, right? We live in the Midwest, which can get rather cold throughout the Winter. So, summer is the time we get outdoors and enjoy the weather. My husband and I love gardening, so I’d like to suggest some Father’s Day gardening gifts for the man in your life.

Father's Day gardening gifts to make the busy dad's life easier.

My husband is a hard worker throughout the week (and some Saturdays). He looks forward to enjoying the outdoors, when he can, on the weekend. He actually loves landscaping and having the whole family involved. Why not get him some new items for the summer hobby he enjoys? Plus, make it easier in the process!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


    • Snip and a Cut: I’m pretty sure deadheading the dead flowers on a plant is a therapeutic outlet. If not, it should be added to the list! A well-pruned plant not only looks better and blooms more, but it is healthier too. Centurion Brand Pro-Adjustable Bypass Pruner ($20.99) cuts through any size branch, making Dad a hero. Centurionbrands.com

Father's Day gardening gifts - ideas for make dad's life easier.


    • Compost Tumbler: What better gift for an eco-friendly dad than a compost tumbler? Composting enriches the soil, saves water and reduces landfill waste! We were composting with a DIY composter, but eventually, it fell apart. This would be our ideal composter, especially for our small garden, the Back Porch, ($199) makes compost in as little as 4-6 weeks. Mantis.com

Father's Day gardening gifts - ideas for make dad's life easier.


    • Plants of Steel: This year, forget a tie. Let your man’s green thumb shine with a hard-to-kill Plant of Steel ($ varies) from Costa Farms. Caring for them is super easy. Choose from five low-maintenance varieties to fit dad’s style. Available at your local grocery or garden retailer.

Father's Day gardening gifts - ideas for make dad's life easier.


  • Strong, Bigger Plants: Dads are always looking for shortcuts. Enter the new soil additive from Earth Alive, Soil Activator. Simply water into your vegetable garden or flower garden and voila, bigger, strong plants to brag about. This is a definite must for us with our new vegetable garden, thanks to my husband. He planted broccoli, tomatoes, and cucumber. EarthAlive.com

Father's Day gardening gifts, help make dad's life easier.

Is your husband (or you) a Gardner? What is his (or your) favorite gardening tool?

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  1. robin rue says

    My husband started a garden for the first time this year, so these would all be awesome gifts for him. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. That compost tumbler is really cool! My husband actually made his own a year ago- I had no idea they were a thing.

  3. My husband would love that compost tumbler. Right now, he just has a big pile out back, and it’s so stinky and gross.

  4. We love our garden, so anything to help out is great. My husband has done a lot in our garden, and having the right tools really makes it a lot easier. I think he’d love these.

  5. Those are nice gardening sheers. My husband could use these for trimming back smaller tree branches.

  6. That plants of steel looks awesome! My husband is so good in the garden! These are great ideas!

  7. We hope to have a raised garden bed soon. I’ll have to try some of these ideas!

  8. This is cool and impressive. But totally not something I would enjoy.

  9. My dad loves to garden. What great ideas he can enjoy all summer long!

  10. My husband doesn’t garden much. However, my father-in-law would love these things.

  11. My husband swears he won’t like gardening, but I bet if I get him fun gadgets he will.

  12. My husband gardens all the time. He would love to get a composter for Father’s Day.

  13. These are really great ideas! Thanks for the awesome suggestions!

  14. These are great ideas for the dad who loves to garden!

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