Favorite Children’s Books Come to Life on Netflix #StreamTeam

Earlier this month we celebrated National Young Readers month. Our schools in the area are very focused on literacy, and have a program in school with meeting their Accelerated Reader (AR) goals on a quarterly basis. I have always been an avid reader, so it is fun to see my kids starting to enjoy their books as well.


Traditionally, I enjoy reading a book and then if the movie comes out I will go see the movie. I have to admit that most often the book is better than the movie. However, I think it is a little different with children’s books that have been put to movie. My kids really enjoy seeing their books come to life.

I am a huge advocate of reading and feel it is important on many different levels. Not only is reading a vital component of learning and comprehension, but also for imagination. I love how reading can take you to another place. With all the stresses in the world today, even for kids, it is such a great way for kids to get their minds off of whatever is troubling them.

We have enjoyed being a Netflix subscriber for sometime now, but as part of the Netflix Stream Team I have had the opportunity to see Netflix through the Apple TV. With the Apple TV you have the ability to not only see your favorite shows on, but also access things like iTunes, see movies in HD, sports channels, HBO, and more.

Favorite Children’s Books Come to Life

For November, in honor of National Young Readers Month, Netflix has many of the movies available of your favorite children’s books. A favorite book and movie of mine as kid is Charlotte’s Web. Some of the other classics for younger kids is below:

favorite children's books

As an older child, it is so fun see their books unfold into visual stories right before their eyes. My oldest daughter loves reading and watching the Goosebumps series.

favorite children's books

With Netflix streaming, you have the ability to watch your favorite show or movie anywhere you have Internet connection. Shows and movies can be streamed right on to your device, such as your computer, tablet, mobile device, and TV. All you need is a Netflix account! It is super easy to sign-up, and then you can start watching your favorite shows or movies immediately!

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