Free Goodie Box From Daily Goodie Box Sample Review

How would you like to receive a completely free goodie box with lots of samples of every day products? That’s exactly what Daily Goodie Box does for subscribers.

Free Goodie Box

Free Goodie Box from Daily Goodie Box.

I received a Daily Goodie Box in exchange for my honest review.

This is my first time receiving a Daily Goodie Box, and I have to admit, I am impressed with the amount products I received! I also love the variety of products included in the box. It was packed with great samples, which includes a mix of full size items and sample size items of snacks, household goods, personal items and more.

Free Goodie Box from Daily Goodie Box

Signing up for a Daily Goodie Box is super easy, and does not require a credit card…because it really is free. All you have to do is subscribe to their website by creating a username and password and create a profile with you shipping address. That’s it…wait for it to arrive!

Free goodie box by Daily Goodie Box.


What’s In The Box?

The first thing I did was eat the Raspberry Fig Bar by Nature’s Bakery. It’s a delicious combination of sweetness and tartness, that is wonderfully moist.

My next must try was the Gorilla Goods – Organic Snacks in Coast Curry Cashew and Fruit. I have been working on maintaining more of a Paleo Diet, so this item fits in perfectly. This made for a great healthy snack, made with Organic Cashews, organic raisins, organic coconut nectar, organic curry, sea salt, organic cayenne and organic coconut.

Product variety in the Daily Goodie Box.



Another “go-to” in this box is the Jack & Jill Natural Fluoride Toothpaste with Certified Organic Natural Blackcurrant Flavoring. I love that this product does not contain any SLS, it’s BPA free, color free, sugar-free, fluoride free, there are no preservatives.

Recently, my daughter asked why she couldn’t swallow “toothpaste”. Um, because it will make you sick. I don’t like my kids putting anything in their mouths that could make them unhealthy. My kids get plenty of Fluoride in their water, brush well, and floss – so having non-fluoride toothpaste is not an issue.

Nellie’s All Natural – Laundry Soda I have been using natural laundry detergents for quite sometime now. These are the detergents that do not contain SLS, Phosphates, SLES, Chlorine, fragrance for a long time now. However, there are still a limited amount of products on the market that can claim to be natural. I am always on the look-out to add more “family-safe” household items.

Other products that I cannot wait to try from my Daily Goodie Box are Just Chill, XyliChew – Spearmint Gum, Aloha Daily Good Greens Chocolate, and Gary Poppins Lite Popcorn.

So how about it? Go to Daily Goodies Box now to get your very own free box!




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