Fresh Smelling Home By Removing Pet Odors

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I love having pets in our home. However, I like having pets that are seen and not smelled. I always want to make sure when someone walks into my home it does not smell like walking into a pet shop. Since we have a small house without a basement there is nowhere to mask the smells. One of our pets is a cat, which of course, comes with a litter box. The litter box is kept in our bathroom upstairs where all the bedrooms are located.

fresh smelling home

Australian Shepherd, “Rusty” and Seal Point Siamese, “Maew”

Fresh Smelling Home

Here are some things I do to keep a fresh smelling home:

  • Clean out the litter box every time the cat uses it.
  • Make sure there is enough litter in the litter box.
  • Use a Litter Genie to “lock in” the odor.
  • Keep the dog groomed.
  • Vacuum like crazy.
  • Use air fresheners that neutralize odors like Febreeze.
  • Candles and Scentsy Warmers
  • Have stain and odor removal solutions on hand.

Half the battle of keep your home smelling fresh is doing to the preventative work. The other half is removing pet odors once they occur. My cat has not had any problems in a long time but she used to get urinary infections all the time. For the most part, if she went outside of the litter box it was on a bathroom rug that I could either throw away or put in the washing machine. However, there were sometimes that went on our brand new carpeting. Yikes, I just about died! I did use a combination of natural products, which did help. We now got to the bottom of her infections and found she had crystals in her urine. She has been on a medicated diet for years now and it works beautifully.

Do you have pets in your home? What have you found to be the best remedy for reducing the pet odors inside your home?

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  1. My dog always to manage bring weird smells from the outside. Sigh… I don’t wanna know what he does there
    Lena recently posted..Smartphone Camera Absolute Beginner’s GuideMy Profile

  2. Jenna Wood says

    We rely on Febreze a lot with 2 cats and a dog in a 2 br condo. Masking that litter box smell is a constant battle.

  3. I love my fur babies, but I do NOT love the stink they leave behind. We had a city inspector come to our rental property, and I think I too went through a whole bottle of Febreeze just because I didn’t want my home to smell like animal. (I don’t think it does, but i am paranoid)
    Ashley S recently posted..Comment on Allergy Friendly Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes by Jenna WoodMy Profile

  4. Pet odors can be about the worst can’t they?
    SHELLEY R ZUREK recently posted..Justin Timberlake Concert: Sold OUT! Win 2 Tickets From Ellen on Local 4My Profile

  5. i don’t have pets but i have been to some friends houses with pets and the odor is overbearing sometimes!!! these are great tips!

    Sandy a la Mode
    Sandy recently posted..Premium Sponsor Love + Giveaway – ChippmunkMy Profile

  6. I don’t have pets, but my daughter has been bugging me for a dog so this will be good for the future.
    Jenn recently posted..Exercise Before You Blog Challenge #fitB4blogMy Profile

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