Fun Craft Ideas Using Beads

Now that my oldest is 8, more like 9 since she will be turning that in a couple weeks, she tends to get a lot more gifts that are DIY.  Such as making garden stones, watches and jewelry with beads.  There are actually a lot of great craft ideas using beads I have come across that can provide some entertainment for your kids and keep them busy when they are bored!

Bead BraceletsRecently my daughter wanted to make some friendship bracelets, so we went to a hobby store and purchased a container of beads, a container of letter beads  and some jewelry string.  There are a  lot of different ways to design your bracelet – so it really gives you and/or your child a chance to get really creative. Older children can make some really cute earrings as well.

Another fun idea for younger kids is using beads to decorate a picture.  Beads are a fun way to spruce up a picture or even a cut out of an animal, glasses, tree, flower, etc.  Plus, it is great work for fine motor coordination!

Bead OctopusBead Mask

Some more creative ideas are using beads to make a rosary.  This can be done with older and younger children.  I’m sure the younger children would need more supervision.  Also, younger children can use larger beads to make it a little easier.

Bead Rosary

I have seen some amazing, intricate work that has been done using beads, things such as doilies, earrings, purses, and decorative wall hangings. You can find bead shows, trade shows and conventions on-line.  There are also bead classes you can take, which is great for learning that intricate work. Lastly, YouTube has become a wonder resource for DIY’ers – the key is to weed through the one’s that are not so good.  Craft stores and the library are great resources as well to get books on how to bead.

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