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The one thing I have always been a stickler on is my teeth. In fact, when I was young and single having good teeth was one of my “must haves” in a potential boyfriend. This obsession with teeth has followed me into motherhood, since it is a priority for me with my children.  When Megan was very young and we would go to friends for birthday parties or other events I always had her toothbrush and toothpaste packed. My friends used to make fun of me all the time, but I didn’t care!

Well, now over the years so much information has come out about chemicals that invade all our products. From household cleaning to personal care items, it seems nothing is sacred. Even our toothpaste (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) and our mouth rinse (alcohol) is toxic. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is a harsh chemical (irritant) that is found in so many of our personal care items, plus in car wash soap and garage floor cleaners. It does not make sense that something found in car wash soap and garage floor cleaners should be any where near our bodies or the inside of our mouth!

get clean teeth naturally

Get Clean Teeth Naturally

There is, however, a great way to get clean teeth naturally with OraMD. OraMD is a natural liquid toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener all in one. It is a potent bacteria fighter that is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory with powerful plaque fighters eliminating the need for chemical laden toothpaste alternatives. Also, being a liquid makes it unique in that it is also interdental. This allows it to reach places a toothbrush cannot come near.

It is made from three 100% botanical essential oils:

Peppermint Oil: Is a natural combatant to many types of the bacteria inside your mouth. This ingredient does not cause any mouth dryness as toothpaste and mouth rinse do since it does not have any alcohol in it. In fact, it actually helps to prevent dry mouth since the oils seep down between the gum lines and attacks bacteria even while you sleep, providing additional support to fight dry mouth.

Spearmint Oil: This fights the 22 known harmful bacteria in your mouth. When combined with the fighting power of the Peppermint Oil, they make a synergistic and powerful product.

Almond Oil: This Oil provides a great base for the Peppermint and Spearmint Oils.

How exactly does OraMD work?

Brush twice a day in the morning and evening using 2-5 drops of OraMD on a toothbrush and brush normally.
Floss every evening before brushing – more frequently as needed.
Get any food particles out from between teeth.
Use OraMD as mouthwash twice a day: morning and evening. Just put 2-5 drops into an ounce of water, swish and gargle. This is important to kill the bacteria in the entire mouth including the back of the tongue.
Mid-morning, mid-afternoon and as needed: put 2-5 drops on the tip of the tongue to coat the gum line and teeth to kill bacteria and keep breath fresh.

Here you can actually see the steps involved in brushing with OraMD.

I was thrilled with the opportunity to be able to review this product. Not only because of its natural ingredients, but also because of its claims to preventing a lot of oral issues, such as gum disease, swollen gums, bad breath, receding gums, gingivitis, bleeding gums, red gums, periodontitis, dry mouth, plaque and tartar buildup, cavities, gum infection, and decay. I am all-over a product that can help prevent any type of major dental work and keep my teeth healthy!

I put 2 drops of OraMD on my toothbrush and found the taste to be a little mintier than I expected! However, after initially flavor set in I got used to it and really felt as though my teeth were getting a great cleaning. I have used natural toothpaste before so the fact that it did not get sudsy was fine. I really like that I could then just add a couple drops to some water after I was done brushing to do my rinse out. So nice to not have a bunch of different products lying around to brush teeth…one bottle does it all!

Trusted Health Products has had great success with OraMD over the last 12 years selling over a half million bottles. OraMD– an all-natural liquid toothpaste, mouth rinse and breath freshener – is endorsed by Dr. Tom McGuire, a world-renowned dentist and leading authority on preventive dentistry, and is also starting to be offered in holistic dental offices nationwide.

The video before will provide a lot of information for you too on what OraMD can do for you, and your teeth.

Buy It:

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Win It:

Three readers will each win one full-sized bottle of OraMD. To enter this giveaway, simply enter through the Giveaway Tools form below. This giveaway will end on February 25th at 11:59 pm CST. Good Luck!




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    I learned: OraMD is not a proponent of fluoride.

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  3. learned Sodium Laurel Sulfate is in toothpaste.

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    It helps with loose teeth and bleeding gums which I need

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    Their botanical oils kill bacteria and will taste pleasant.

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    I learned OraMD is manufactured fresh daily

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    I learned that it is made from the formulation of three 100% pure botanical oils of almond, spearmint, and peppermint is designed to kill the bad bacteria.

  8. I learnt that its a great product!

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    It can help me with my bleeding gums.

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    I have used it before, love it.

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  12. made fresh daily

  13. I learned that this product will work more effectively if you do not use toothpaste or mouthwash.
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    I have learned that hygiene program is very important

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  15. I like the idea of having less clutter around the bathroom sink.

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    It’s made fresh daily

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    Would love to win, miss using it.

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    So need some of this, love the product.

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    Love it is travel size.

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    Perfect for travel.

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    It helps with loose teeth and bleeding gums among many other conditions

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    I learned sodium laurel sulfate is in toothpaste.

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    I love that it is made up of three all natural oils…I also like that they recommend swishing it in your mouuth with some water to freshen breath as needed, etc.. much better than chomping some mints!

  27. I learned that each bottle can last up to 3 months.

  28. OraMD is manufactured fresh daily.
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    Looks like a great product!

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    it helps with loose teeth

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    Perfect for travelling

  32. Thank you for this very awesome and interesting post. I really enjoyed reading this. This is very informative and well written. I also find it very helpful. Thank you again!
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