How Do You Get Inspired To Write When You Cannot Find The Inspiration?

How do you get inspired to write when you just cannot find the inspiration? That, my friends, is a good question! This is where I’m at right now. I have a lot of things running through my head that I would “like” to write about, the problem is…I’m not feeling motivated to write about those things. To me, they just don’t seem very exciting.

I have been seeing a counselor, Stacy, for the past year. After the birth of my twins, in 2007, I started having panic attacks. Up until last year, my medication for panic attacks / anxiety was being managed by my general practitioner. However, I never felt it was being managed very well since I still had breakthrough panic attacks more often than I thought I should. A year ago I started seeing Stacy and a Psychiatrist to handle my medication. After months of seeing my counselor and discussing my panic attacks, among other things, I was diagnosed with ADD several months ago.

how do you get inspired to write

How Do You Get Inspired To Write?

Recently, we were discussing those days (or weeks) when you feel you are lacking in motivation and cannot find inspiration. My counselor told me you have to push through it. This may involve setting a timer for small increments of time to work on a project or task. The point is that you may not always find that magic bullet. In cases like that, you just need to do it.

Hence, my reason for writing this post with no real “topic” in mind. I am pushing through it.

I had some interesting information come to my attention this week regarding my health. As I mentioned, I was diagnosed with ADD several months ago. Since then we have been working on getting the medicine and dosage correct. However, there are a couple things I’ve been having a hard time with:

  • Annoying restlessness. My entire life I have had a hard time staying focused, but never the restlessness. For months now I have been clenching and unclenching my toes throughout the day. I know that sounds really weird, which is to me too! However, the clenching has been extremely annoying, almost to the point of exhaustion! We had just assumed it was stress / anxiety.
  • Panic attacks again. They had disappeared completely upon starting meds for ADD, but returned a few months ago.

I think we have found the cause to all of my additional problems – my thyroid TSH levels!  I have been on thyroid medicine for years and see an endocrinologist each year. I have also been on the same brand of medicine and dosage for the past couple of years. Last year my TSH was 3.99, this year it was .85! That is a significant difference and on the verge of being hyperthyroid. Honestly, .85 is still within the “normal” range – although the low end. However, my TSH level is generally between 2- 3 and has never been that low. I believe different people function better at different levels.

I have brushed off the thought of it being my thyroid for months now. When my psychiatrist asked about my thyroid, we both assumed it was okay since I had just been there 6 – 7 months prior to this starting.

Apparently the drastic drop in my TSH, while on the same dosage, has been attributed to a drop in Estrogen levels. Isn’t that interest? I went into premature ovarian failure many years ago. I have not menstruated or had an ovulation since I got pregnant with Megan. From my point of view, I went instantly into menopause after giving birth to Megan in 2003. That is the time I was diagnosed with post-partum hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s disease – an auto-immune disease. With Hashimoto’s Disease, you have anti-thyroid antibodies floating around in you that attack the thyroid. Due to the thyroid and ovaries both being in the endocrine system, it is not uncommon for women with Hashimoto’s Disease to be infertile.

I have to say, that although I was not very inspired to write anything today…I’m glad I did. Apparently I had quite a bit to say. Haha I also have to admit that, as Stacy said, most times if you just start “doing” the motivation usually happens all on its own. Sometimes, you just have to push yourself really hard to get there.

How do you find your inspiration for writing when it’s just nowhere to be found?

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