Going to The Zoo and Visiting a Butterfly Garden

Visiting a Butterfly Garden

Today we spent the day at our local zoo, Brookfield Zoo located in Brookfield, Illinois.  Part of our trip to the zoo was visiting a butterfly garden that we visit each year.  Also, each year that we go it is my daughter Megan’s mission to have a butterfly land on her.  In fact, she will not leave until one lands on her.  Some years this has taken a long time.  She does this “legally” by just sitting still and waiting for one to land on her.  Also, at this point she knows what colors are more attractive to butterflies as well.

Do Not Touch Butterfly Wings

Before being allowed into the butterfly garden we are all given strict instructions by the people who work there, one of the major things we are all told is do not touch butterfly wings.  They are extremely fragile and may prevent them from being able to fly again.  It never ceases to amaze me  how many parents do not parent their children and allow them to do exactly what they were told not to do.  That may be a rant for another day…  Today I really just want to share photo’s of the beautiful butterflies we saw today.

Zebra Butterfly

Dark Blue Butterfly

Two Butterflies

Orange Butterfly


Three Butterflies

Megan with butterfly

A yellow butterfly found the yellow flower on Megan’s shirt!

Anna, who all day was terrified of any flying insect that came near her got very upset after the butterfly landed on Megan.  She got since now she wanted one to land on her as well.  We explained to her that if she jumps every time one comes near her, they will not land on her.  So she did very good and stayed very still, shortly after the yellow butterfly left Megan’s shirt another butterfly landed on Anna’s shoe.  It actually started out on her toes and as ticklish as she is, she did great staying still.  Then, while she had the butterfly on her shoe another one landed on her shorts!

Butterfly on Anna's Shoe

Anna had a butterfly who was very attached to her shoe.

Butterfly on Anna's Shorts

While the one butterfly was on Anna’s shoe, another one landed on her shorts.

Ethan was disappointed that he did not have a butterfly land on him, but luckily he is pretty easy going and said next time he would wear the right colors!

Ethan at the Zoo



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