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green carpet cleaning

I always try to purchase my entire stock of household cleaning products and personal care products in a version that is non-toxic and chemical free.  It is better for me and my family, and our pets to not inhale all the toxins or have them on our skin.  I love when I can services that I need that are also green.  That is why I wanted to share this company with you for those who are in the Brooklyn area.  There is a Brooklyn carpet cleaning company called GreenChoice, that is green carpet cleaning.  Its cleaners are natural and organic.

GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning was really on the cutting-edge when they started almost 20 years ago as a family-owned business.  Today they are still family-owned but have now expanded to include the entire New York City area and several cities across the United States.  They never outsource their technicians, and only use state-of-the-art organic cleaners while still maintaining competitive prices.

Why would you choose a carpet cleaning company that offers green or organic products?

You may be interested in hearing this; I actually did not realize this until I recently read this information.  I know that companies that do not use “green” products only offer products with toxins, but what I did not realize was that the EPA had actually sent out warnings and recall threats about many of the well-known carpet cleaning chemicals or products due to their potential toxicity.

In 2001 the EPA asked for a recall on the popular treatment Scotch guard, which had been used for more than 50 years!  A couple of years later, in 2003, 3M Dupont did release a new chemical make-up of Scotch Guard, called Persistent Organic Pollutant – the name does not even sound all that good, right?  Well, it is not.  It actually means that prolonged exposure to it can lead to various health problems and disorders.

I find it just unthinkable that companies are allowed to use any type of chemical that could lead to health problems in the general public.  However, even with all the EPA warnings these products are still widely used in the carpet industry – but not by GreenChoice!

Green Carpet Cleaning

Green Cleaning: GreenChoice is committed to meeting the Green Carpet Cleaning Standards, and does so by using only 100% green cleansers that have been certified environmentally safe and free of chemical solutions.  Their cleaners contain common household ingredients, such as citric acid, salt, baking soda, antimicrobial salts, and enzyme-based cleansers.

To ensure that you are using a company that does not use any harmful chemicals, you want to look for companies that use organic cleaners that are pH-balanced and 100% natural.  Also, when searching for a carpet cleaner, be sure to use the terms “biodegradable” and “non-toxic”.

Unlike green carpet cleaning companies, traditional carpet cleaning methods utilize a variety of harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde, pesticides, and other detergents with strong odors and toxic ingredients which can trigger a lot of health issues including respiratory illness, allergic reactions, and potential damage to our nervous systems.  These are all the reasons why I switched to green, non-toxic household cleaners years ago.  Yuk!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post as sold by LinkVehicle.  My opinions and writings are my own.

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  1. OY! I’ve used Scotch guard for years and I had NO idea that there was ever a recall on it. Great – now I have guilt about exposing my family to toxins and dangerous chemicals. I better look into switching over to green cleaners 🙂

  2. Dana Caffrey says

    There are many green household products nowadays, and I’m glad that there are many companies that are taking efforts to make cleaning agents earth friendly. Since the introduction of these products, I tried to be as clean and green as possible.

  3. This is cool and very nice informative issues. Thanks for taking the time to discuss that.
    I’ll try to consider it for my future references, thanks for this great article.

  4. Brandon Cleaning says

    Green just means Bio- Degradable….

    I do agree that it is a better and safer cleaning

  5. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning uses the very best in biodegradable, non-toxic, organic cleaning services and also aims at minimizing wastage of water and energy.

  6. This is cool and very nice informative issues. I’ll try to consider it for my future references, thanks for this great article.

  7. WOW! They certainly did a great job cleaning your carpets.. and eco-friendly, bonus! Thanks for the post, showing how carpets should be cleaned by the professionals!

  8. Sometimes we need professional help, indeed! I call cleaners when my carpets need some serious cleaning and I started doing that since my son caught dust allergy. It happen to be because of the carpets. I call the cleaners like twice a year. It isn’t that expensive and like this you are sure that your carpets are really clean.
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