Hair Products for Fine Hair: Herbal Essences Naked Collection Review

I have to be honest with you; I believe I have found my new favorite line of hair products. I love this new line of hair products for fine hair by Herbal Essences.

hair products for fine hair

Hair Products for Fine Hair

This collection of hair products for fine hair comes with a Shampoo, Conditioner, Volumizing Soufflé Styler, and a Dry Shampoo. I had the opportunity to try out all of these products for the past couple of weeks, and have loved how soft they leave my hair feeling. Almost even more that that, I cannot get over how good they smell! It is now that I wish my hair was longer so I could smell my own hair! 🙂

hair products for fine hair

Naked Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

The smell of these products is delightful! They have the tantalizing smell of grapefruit and mint scent that really just “wow’s” the scenses! Both of these products are very lightweight, which is great for fine hair. You do not want anything to weigh it down. The conditioner is wonderful at detangling. Overall the combination of these two products left my hair feeling extremely soft and healthy. I also think it brought out some of the remaining highlights I have in my hair. The fact that these products do not contain any heavy residues, dye, or parabens is a great extra bonus

Naked Volume Souffle

This product again has the same wonder scent as the shampoo and conditioner. Honestly, I cannot get enough of this scent! This is a weightless product to add volume to your hair before you blow dry it. It has the texture of mousse, but maybe a little bit creamier. However, that did not translate into any type of heaviness on my hair.

Naked Volume Dry Shampoo

I have been using dry shampoo for over a year now. I do not wash my hair every day, but my hair does need something to add that lift to it between shampooing’s. With this product, you spray it and work it the roots of your hair. I actually like to use the dry shampoo just as a little added volume when I’m styling it after it’s been washed. My hair almost needs this little added texture to maintain the style. Again, this product had the same great scent as the rest of the items in this line of hair care products.

This bundled kit is available only while supplies last online at Walmart. This whole, wonderful, kit sells for a mere $12.99. Truth be told, I am actually a little worried about what I will do when I run out of these products! I think I may have to purchase a second kit so that I have more on hand!


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