Healthy Cookie Snacks – Almondina Cookie Samples Review and Giveaway (ends 3/12)

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I am trying to lose weight, really I am! But I have found out a truth about myself. I really love to snack…and most of the time I am not in the mood for a piece of fruit. I used to never be a snacker, in fact I really prided myself in not being one. However, over the years I have begun to do it more. I especially notice my urge to snack is a night. I just want something “sweet”.

Healthy Cookie Snacks

Not everything delicious is necessarily bad…in fact, there are some things that are perfectly healthy for you! The sampler pack I received from Almondina is the perfect crunchy healthy cookie snacks that not only fulfills the sweet crave but is also healthy. The Almondina Cookies are great thin cookies, which are the perfect compliment to my coffee.

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Almondina Cookies are a crunchy cookie that is all natural – free of cholesterol, coloring and preservatives. There is no added fat or salt, and they are only 30 calories per slice. These cookies are also kosher and dairy-free. I received cookies in the following flavors: Choconut, Chocolate Cherry, Cinnaroma, Sesame, Gingerspice, and Original (2). They also offer Pumpkin Spice, Almonduo, Bran Treats with Cinnamon, Almondina Anniversary, Chocolate Dipped, Yogurt Dipped, and Milk Chocolate Almondina Delights.

A grandmother, Dina, who loved to bake her secret cookie recipe for her grandson and the rest of her family, developed the recipe that is now Almondina Cookies. Her grandson, Yuval Zaliouk, happened to be an internationally known symphony conductor and gourmet chef, but always had a weakness for his grandmother’s exquisite cookies. Cookies she had called Petit Gateau Sec, which means biscuit in French.

Only at the end of Dina’s life did she finally reveal the secret recipe to Ahuda, Yuval’s mother. Years after Dina’s death, Zaliouk felt that these nutritious cookies fell right in line with the with the growing demands of health-conscious snacks and started baking these cookies in his own kitchen. Seven years later these cookies were available in all fifty states and there were seven countries that wanted their presence there.

Almondina Cookies

My Review:

These cookies are definitely not your average cookies. They are crunchy and sweet, yet not too sweet. The sweetness is derived from the natural ingredients, such as the raisins. I thoroughly enjoyed these cookies, as did my kids. I particularly enjoyed dipping them in my coffee as either my morning breakfast or my mid-afternoon snack. One of my favorite flavors was the Choconut, although all of them are delicious. My kids loved the Choconut and the Chocolate Cherry, and felt it would be a good idea to dip their cookies in my coffee. 🙂 Kids… Milk is perfect for dipping these cookies in for both kids and adults.

Buy It:

These cookies are available at a variety of different stores depending on where you live. In Illinois, they are available at Jewel, Shop ‘n Save, Walmart, and Trader Joe’s among other stores. To find a location near you, look on their store finder.

Win It:

Almondina has been generous enough to offer one lucky reader of A Mom Having Fun one of the 7-piece gift pack samplers that I received! Enter through the Giveaway Tools form below! This giveaway is open to US residents only who are 18 and above. This giveaway ends on March 12, 2013! Good luck!

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  1. hcg pellets says

    For sure is good cookie but I never try it.

  2. I learned they have pumpkin spice. Yum!!!

  3. they have chocolate dipped cookies…yum!

  4. Proudly made in America

  5. rochelle haynes says


  6. Natalie Nichols says

    I learned that it all started with grandmother dina’s secret cookie recipe!

  7. laurie nykaza says

    They are made in America

  8. steve weber says

    they are made in USA

  9. There’s no added fat or salt. There’s no preservatives.Made in America.I’d love to try the one dipped in chocolate.These looks so good.Thank you for the yummy giveaway! 🙂

  10. Janice Santillo says

    dipped cookies and low calories

  11. terri tillman says

    i love almonds and i knew they were good for you but i did not know that they can help lower cholesterol. cool.

  12. Margaret Smith says

    I learned that there is no added salt and they are all natural. Also low in calories.

  13. I learned that Almondina cookies are Kosher and Pareve

  14. Winningmama2013 says

    I would love to try the Choconut, but the fact that these are made with Almonds they are healthier than most cookies, as well as Kosher.

  15. Eating whole almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat, can significantly lower the risk of heart disease.

  16. i learned there is no added fat or salt

  17. Debbie Petch says

    tasty cookies with low calories!

  18. I learned that I can find these cookies at my local Walmart

  19. they have chocolate dipped cookies…yum

  20. (Susan) Elaine Broughton says

    It was their Grandmother’s secret recipe. No added fat, no-cholesterol cookie for our time. after the original flovor 8 more flavors have been added

  21. These goodies are all natural!

  22. i love that theyre no fat added!

  23. i like that they are all natural

  24. I learned they only have 30 calories per slice,woo hoo!! Also there’s no added fat or salt and most important Made In America. Thank you 🙂

  25. Stephanie Larison says

    There’s no added salt

  26. elaina wright says

    I learned that ginger is a better anti nausea remedy than traditional medicine for chemotherapy patients 🙂

  27. Almonds have 6 grams of protein

  28. They have no cholesterol.

  29. There are no preservatives in the Almondina Cookies.

  30. Diane Cooper says

    I learned there is virtually no reason to deprive yourself of these cookies. They sound so wholesome. I sure am glad Grandma Dina finally gave up that last recipe at the end.

  31. Nori Sciambi says

    I love that the have no cholesterol and no added fat, salt, or preservatives.

  32. Sound yummy. Not heard of them. I too am a terrible snacker. But I’ve been one all my life.
    Sarah B recently posted..Pinterest Meal Idea of the WeekMy Profile

  33. Lilith Katz says

    I learned that these cookies don’t have unnecessary ingredients and are fairly healthy for a cookie.

  34. I love that they are low-calorie!

  35. laurie nykaza says

    pumpkin spice so so good would love to try it

  36. I learned that grandmother’s secret recipe is a no added fat,
    no-cholesterol cookie

  37. Angelique Drummond says

    They have some really nice gift sets and a large variety of yummy flavors!

  38. Cookies for Breakfast are made with bran

  39. their cookies are a old family recipe and the cookies have no cholesterol and no added fat, salt, or preservatives

  40. low in calories only 30 per slice

  41. Samii Meyer says

    I learned they are a low calorie snack

  42. md kennedy says

    Sorry I missed this giveaway , but I am still going to track these down somewhere as they sound and look delish!

  43. Kaniz Jeba says

    I Completely agree that every new habit begins with mental Comfort and Peace.
    That tasty and healthy snacks needed for everybody is known to all. So, Finding here healthy snacks for work, weight loss and simply healthy snacks for all!
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