Healthy Living Tips During Winter Months

How about some healthy living tips to help finish off this winter without any more illness? This winter season has been especially difficult for people trying to avoid the flu and colds. Those who are normally not prone to illness are even catching this very aggressive flu virus. Winter activities are something that many people want to take advantage of during the winter months and want to avoid being bedridden at all costs. There are several things that can be done to maximize your chances of staying healthy throughout the winter months.

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Healthy Living Tips During Winter Months

Below are some tips to help boost your immunity, giving you the best opportunity to ward off the flu and cold during the winter.

Eat Your Fruit and Vegetables

Eat your fruit and vegetables…and lots of it! Although you should be eating plenty of fresh produce all your round, it is especially crucial during the winter for maintaining good health. Consuming a lot of fruit and vegetables will build up your rich supply of vitamins and minerals to better equip your body for warding off those pesky viruses during cold and flu season.

Drink Even More Water

Drinking 8 cups a day is the amount traditionally recommended. However, the Mayo Clinic suggests that the average man should consume about 13 cups of water per day, and the average woman should consume 9 cups. Drinking water is a great way to boost your health since it helps your body get flushed of toxins. Otherwise, the toxins can build up and cause problems.

Take Your Vitamins and Supplements

Although it is best to obtain as many nutrients and vitamins as possible through a whole foods diet, it is often difficult to get everything you need through food alone. Honestly, there is not that high of a concentration of nutrients from the soil anymore. If you want to reach optimum health, it is likely that supplements will have to be taken. When shopping for vitamins and supplements, look for a high-quality daily multivitamin, as well as probiotics to help boost the amount of beneficial bacteria in your gut. Vitamin C is important for your immune system, and Vitamin D has been shown to increase immune function also.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Exercise is excellent for you on so many different levels. It not only helps maintain a healthy heart and body all year long, it is also known to help fight disease and bring energy – the things we lack most during winter. Every time you exercise, it gives a boost to your lymphatic system, which in turn helps to rid your body of toxins. Because your lymphatic system doesn’t have its own “pump,” it relies on the movement of your body to stimulate it. Be sure to choose an enjoyable form of exercise so that you are more encouraged to keep a regular exercise schedule. When possible, exercise outdoors as this will bring you the added health benefits of sunlight exposure and fresh air.

Get Plenty of Sleep

This is definitely one I struggle with the most. I like to, as they say, burn the candle at both ends. Too much to do, and not enough time. However, depriving yourself of sleep is a big mistake since it can affect your immune system in a negative way. Studies show that when you lack sleep and are then exposed to a virus, you will be more likely to get sick. If you are an adult, you should aim for about seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night.

Staying healthy during winter can admittedly be a challenge. However, there are many things that can be done to help reach your goal. From choosing an enjoyable form of exercise to getting sufficient rest, you can keep your body in top shape. So grab some water and a squeeze of lemon, and raise your glass in a toast to good health.



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