8 Household Uses For Lemons That Will Surprise You

Go ahead and stock up on lemons, because there are many household uses for lemons. In fact, it is one most versatile fruits in the world. There are multiple purposes for lemons, such as eating, cleaning, and healing certain health conditions. Lemons are something that you should always have on hand, and here are some of the reasons why.

8 Household Uses for Lemons

household uses for lemons

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Lemons for Health and Food

1. Lemon Squeezy Nice and Easy

Did you know starting your day with a glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it is an excellent way to begin your day? It not only balances your body pH, but helps to clean your liver. It is a great tasting way to give a kick-start to your digestion.

2. Kick a Cold

These bad boys can also help you fight a common virus, such as a cold. Here is the recipe for you solution to the common cold:

Mix equal parts of lemon, apple cider vinegar, and honey. Next mix in some cinnamon. Stir this mixture into hot water and drink! Do this several times a day for your cold to move on to its next victim!

3. Easy, Tasty Food Topping

The juice from a lemon makes a great food topping. If you are not sure what to top your chicken, fish, or veggies with, grab a lemon and squeeze. You can also use lemon prior to cooking by squeezing it into the pan. You can use it either by itself or in combination with a little salt and a few drops of olive oil.

4. Keeps Fruit Salad from Oxidization

Do you want to keep that fruit salad looking fresh? When done preparing your salad, squeeze some fresh lemon over it and stir until coated. The browning of fruit is caused by oxidation, which lemons prevent!

Lemons for Personal Care

6. Combat Pimples

Do you need to fight with some pimples? Conquer them with lemons! Apply lemons topically to the pimples. The juice will pull out the pimple, and you’ll be on the road to a good complexion in not time!

Lemons for Household Cleaning

5. Clean Your Cutting Board

Now we get to the good part…cleaning! Think lemons are only for consuming? Nope! They are great for cleaning cutting boards! They not only remove odors from past foods, but help to sanitize it as well! Jus cut a lemon in half and rub it vigorously on the cutting board.

7. Mirror Cleaner

Water with lemon juice is an excellent way to clean mirrors naturally. All you need to do is combine water and lemon juice in a spray bottle, spray it on the mirror and enjoy a chemical-free shine.

8. Microwave Cleaner

You are going to love this one! Microwaves can get pretty nasty if you don’t keep up with cleaning them. If you have built up food in your microwave, use a lemon to avoid all the elbow grease. Simply cut a lemon in half, place both halves in a bowl of water and turn on your microwave for 30 seconds. Open your microwave and start wiping. You will be simply amazed at how easily the grime comes off.




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