How to Increase Energy Levels During the Mid-Afternoon Slump

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I am always on the look-out for ways on how to increase energy levels, especially in the middle of the afternoon. I admit, normally I do not get an adequate amount of sleep each night. So by the afternoon I am exhausted. However, it seems that even on the days I do get enough sleep, I still experience a mid-afternoon slump. Some days when that slump hits, it seems almost physically impossible to keep my eyes open.
how to increase energy

How to Increase Energy

Like most people, when trying to figure out how to increase energy levels, I tried drinking coffee when I hit my mid-afternoon slump coffee. However, it does not seem to help at all. I am not sure if maybe that is because I am a coffee drinker typically so it may be less effective? Since that does not work, and napping is not an option on most days, I love finding more natural ways to effectively increase my energy. This is one of the many ways I was very excited when approached Sun Chlorella to try-out their newest product called Well Well Wow.

Well Well Wow! is an all-natural drink that is designed to give your immune system a boost, as well increase energy levels, increase mental acuity, and help to sustain physical endurance. It contains a proprietary blend of Agave Nectar, Chlorella Extract, and Eleuthero Extract. All of this comes packaged in a 3.38 fl. oz. tin bottle, which equals one serving.

One of the key ingredients of Well Well Wow! is Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). This is unique to Chlorella, which is from the nuclei of algae and works to encourage the growth and repair of cells and tissues in your body. The other key ingredient, Eleuthero is an adaptogen, which are plants that are said to decrease cellular sensitivity to stress. So, in essence, eleuthero helps to decrease the effects of stress.

When I received my package containing the bottles of Wow Wow Wow! I started drinking one bottle each day right around the time of my mid-afternoon slump. The first day I drank it, I was rather skeptical. I was rather tired so I was hoping it would really help to keep me awake. As I went throughout the rest of my afternoon, I realized a couple of hours later that actually did have a great amount of energy. I was very excited to have not had to lay down or try to get work done without actually being productive.

The taste of the Well Well Wow! is sweet with a bit of an usual taste but not overly so at all. I believe the sweetness and the taste comes mostly from the Agave Nectar, which is a commercial sweetener that comes from a plant.

The company Sun Chlorella was originally borne in 1969 by one man with a lot of determination to survive. After being told he had only 5 years to live due to a body that was destroyed from disease and war. After 4 years of doctor suggestions and not finding any relief, he too the advise of a friend and tried Chlorella eventually leading to his recovery.

The company name actually got its name from the Super Food, Sun Chlorella. Sun Chlorella puts the “super” in super foods. It has a higher concentration of nutrients than any of the other top super foods. Ounce per ounce, it has more protein than a T-bone steak, more iron than liver, more RNA than sardines, and more chlorophyll than any other plant on earth.

You can buy Well Well Wow! on Sun Chlorella’s website, for $4.21 a bottle, or a package of 10 for $42.08.

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