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I have wanted to learn how to knit for quite sometime now. Last fall I found out about a great online program called Craftsy. Craftsy has over 30 online classes for knitting, as well as many other areas of crafting. I find the online classes so convenient since I can do them at my own pace and on my time schedule.

how to crochet

When I first signed up with Craftsy, I actually started out with Crochet. I really enjoy crochet, but I do have a hard time keeping my rows even! I tend to either drop or add on stitches without realizing it. I also realized that there are a lot more patterns available for knitting. This is when I decided to give it a try.

How to Knit

So, the first class I took for knitting was the Knit Lab. This is an amazing class that is a great place to start for someone with no experience, very little experience, or someone who needs to brush up their skills. There are several projects that you make in this class, including a Lacey Keyhole Scarf, a Seed Stitch Scarf, and a Tulle Scrubbie. Plus this class includes lessons on Casting-On, Binding-Off, Increases, Decreases, pattern reading, garment fitting, as well as several different types of stitches. So far with this class I have made the Lacey Keyhole Scarf and am in the process of making a scarf using two of the stitches taught called Seed Stitch and Basket Weave Stitch. I am making the scarf for Megan. She wants it long so she can put it around her neck using different techniques. While I am still working on the scarf, I also started making items from another class I enrolled in called Knit Lab: In the Round with Stefanie Japel. Since the In the Round class makes for winter also, I wanted to start on the projects while it was still cold enough.

how to knit

In the In the Round class your learn how to make a Headband (ear warmer), Fingerless Gloves (both made at the same time), and a Cabled Lace Cowl. So far I have made the Ear Warmer and am about 70% done with the fingerless gloves. I admit, I did use a somewhat different pattern and stitch for the Ear Warmer though. I used a Trinity Stitch and I added the tapering in the center.

how to knit

Once I am finished with the fingerless gloves, my next project will be the Cabled Lace Cowl. I already bought the yarn for this product, an extremely soft and warm Alpaca chunky yarn. The knitting store that I went to told me that Alpaca is actually warmer than wool! Also, I love that it is not scratchy at all.

how to knit

Giveaway Details!

Craftsy is generous enough to give one reader of A Mom Having Fun one free online class at Craftsy, for up to a $59.99 value. I should mention that all online classes are available forever. So this means you can take them at your leisure, or go back and review the classes for future reference.

Of course I would LOVE you to take knitting with me, but you are more than welcome to take a class in anything. Here are just some of the other crafts they offer online classes for: Crochet, Quilting, Sewing, Photography, Food & Cooking, Cake Decorating, and a whole lot more!

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