How To Not Procrastinate When It Comes To Big Projects

Do you have some big projects that need to be addressed but keep being put off? I tend to avoid things when the appear overwhelming. However, I am starting to learn how to not procrastinate when I have big things on my to do list.

Procrastination is a way I’ve “handled” large tasks for a large portion of my life. The problem is, procrastination just puts off the inevitable. Eventually still have to deal with whatever I have been avoiding. In many cases, I am up against a deadline and then rushing to getting things done.

How To Not Procrastinate

How To Not Procrastinate

1. Take 15 Minutes Each Day

This is my favorite way to start purging. The process of decluttering can be extremely overwhelming. If you are anything like me, when a task seems overwhelming, I tend to procrastinate. Breaking the task down to 15-minute increments helps make the project not seem quite so big. If you start the project with only 15-minutes in mind, you will be more likely to get started. You can always add on more time if you get on a roll.

2. Take Baby Steps

Another approach to taking on a big project is breaking it down into baby steps. Write down the project and then write all the tasks associated with it. You can then start building those tasks into your weekly schedule.

3. Reward Yourself

Create rewards for yourself along the way. Do you enjoy reading? Have a favorite show to catch up on? As you complete steps along the way to the big task, build in some time to reward yourself for reaching your goals.

4. Visualize

Visualize how amazing it will feel to not have to race against a deadline. Also, in the process of visualizing, think of how wonderful it will feel to have that project off your plate.

It may take some trial and error before you find the right system that works for you. Also, keep in mind that you will probably never completely eliminate procrastination. Remember, it is a part of human nature.

What is your #1 tip on avoiding procrastination?



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