How to Reduce Stress In the Mornings in 7 Tips

Ways on how to reduce stress may seem laughable to many of you. The concept, for most of us, of having a relaxing morning goes against the grain when you consider getting yourself and/or your kids ready in the morning. Mornings can be a bit chaotic, and more of a stress factor than any of us would like. However, there are some steps that you can take to make your mornings a little less hectic.

How to Reduce Stress In the Mornings

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How to Reduce Stress In the Mornings

1. Get Up Earlier
This is honestly something I have been striving for, what seems like years. I have always been a night person, but now as a mom I see how this works against me. I have to get the kids up by 7 a.m. to get ready for school. My goal has been to get to bed early enough so that I can be up by 5:30 a.m. to get a good head start on work, plus ease into the morning.

Even getting up as little as 15 minutes early can make a world of difference when trying to get out the door with a little less stress. Getting to bed a little earlier will help you succeed at getting up earlier in the morning. Once you start getting up a little earlier, it is rather liberating! If you are feeling really brave  you can then move to getting up 30 minutes to an hour earlier in the morning. Once you make this change, you will see it is well worth getting up a little earlier.

2. Wrap Things Up in the Evening
Try to take care of as much as you can the night before. Do what you can to pack lunches and fill up the water bottles so you will have less to do in the morning. There are also some great breakfast recipes I posted about in the past to help make your morning run a little more smoothly. Lastly, do what you can to get backpacks, briefcases and purses ready to go the night before too.

3. Make Dinner Earlier
To have more evening time available for tying up loose ends and to go to bed earlier, plan on having dinner somewhat earlier. If you have dinner eaten and the the kitchen cleaned up by 6 pm, this will give you a couple of hours before you have to get kids to bed. This helps to make the evening seem much longer and have a bit more productivity.

4. Take Five
This is something I have to be more diligent with. Each morning take several minutes to have some quiet time. Using this time to pray, stretch, journal or meditate, will help calm your mind for the day and center your thoughts.

5. Exercise or Stretch
If you are getting up early enough, taking some time to stretch using Yoga or Pilates is a great way to relax your mind and body. You may also want to try to take a brief walk outside to help you get started for the day. Stretching or exercising in the morning is a great way to start your day, plus it helps loosen or work the kinks out of your muscles.

6. Do Analogue Activities First
Taking time to exercise or have some time to yourself can also help you avoid hitting your computer or phone right when you wake up. Getting bombarded with information through messages, emails and voicemails can put you into information overload right off the bat. Getting inundated with all that information can make your morning feel much more hurried.

7. Be Gentle With Your Wake-Up Routine
I have realized that having an alarm that does not blare a buzzing or beeping noise at me is a much more peaceful way to get woken up. These days phones and alarm clocks have all sorts of options when setting the alarm sound. If you prefer, you can even set your alarm to the music or your favorite radio talk show. You can also set some alarms to gradually rise in loudness as they go on.

Mornings do not have to be so hurried, they can be quit calm and relaxing…at least until the kids wake up! 🙂 Taking a little bit more time in the morning for yourself will help you get you day off to a better start and set the tone for the day.



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  1. Stefan Nilsson says

    Great roundup. Pondered over if you missed anything but you pretty much nailed it. Maybe consider writing a todo list the night before so you know exactly what you are suposed to do and don’t procrastinate for that reason.

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