How to Stop Procrastinating And Follow God’s Will

Sometimes we are called to do things we may feel are beyond our level of skill, or that we just do not feel like doing. Procrastination has been an enemy of mine for far too long. I am working hard, especially the past 2 years, to overcome the bad habit of procrastination. Here is what I’ve learned on how to stop procrastinating.

how to stop procrastination

How To Stop Procrastinating

My procrastination is probably a result of my ADHD, which was undiagnosed until 2 years ago. However, because I’ve put off doing what’s important for so many years, it’s something I now automatically do. Although the older I get the more frustrated I have become with the last minute rush to get things done.

I started taking medication after being diagnosed with ADHD. At the time, I was still experiencing far too many panic attacks that were not being managed completely with my anxiety medication. The medication did help, and was the final component to resolving my panic attacks. However, in the mean time, I wanted to instill ways to be more organized. I also wanted to put better coping techniques in place.

One of the most beneficial things I have done in the past two years is draw closer to God. I cherish my time with Him each and every morning. I feel that a day started with Him grounds me and starts my day off in a peaceful place. Along with that, I have also read many books that are Christian based and tend to pertain directly to overcoming obstacles, procrastination, and organization.

This year my husband lost his job in February and is still seeking employment. I can honestly say that if this happened at any time before now, I would have been a mess. However, I have actually been doing pretty well. Don’t get me wrong, I worry, but I pray about it and give it to God to take care of. I have complete faith in Him guiding my husband to the job that he has picked out for him.

Avoiding Time-Wasting Activities

Also, throughout this process I have been praying for God to guide me to do His will, and not that of my own. I am a SAHM and have this blog, but I also enjoy creating cards with Stampin Up. Is it God’s will for me to work outside of the home? Is there one specific area of work I do that He wants me to focus on? I don’t feel I have been guided away from doing those things I already do. However, I do get this strong sense of needing to focus on those things that will help support my family financially and not doing other time-wasting activities.

During my walks and when running errands, I listen to an audio book called “Taming The To-Do List” by Glynnis Whitwer. This has been such a great book for me to read, a true Gift From God. It has helped me so much in turning my thinking around so I can focus on the important tasks and not the time-wasting ones.

In A Good Place

At this point, I am now ADHD medicine free. In the beginning of August we were leaving for a long weekend trip. The evening before we were leaving, I realized I only had one more day of medicine. I made the medication last as long as possible by splitting it in half and only taking once a day, as opposed to twice a day.

I was not concerned about consequences of abruptly stopping my medicine. This medication is in and out of your system. Missing a dose or stopping this medicine does not cause any type of withdrawal symptoms. I realized while taking just a 1/2 dose once a day that I was doing very well without my normal prescription. I continued doing well even once I ran out of my medicine, which was within the first week of August. After meeting with my doctor last week, we agreed to stay off the medicine. I pray that being proactive and working on organization skills and coping mechanisms even while on medicine has given me the ability to stay off meds for ADHD.

Am I cured? No, not at all. I have to stop and think about everything I’m doing and ask myself if I am wasting time, or is it time well spent. For instance, right before writing this post I really wanted to watch a series I’ve been binging on Netflix. It truly took all of my will to make the right choice. However, I honestly feel I am in a good place and more equipped to make a good choice.

So, now the question…

Are there some habits that have been reinforced over the years that you’ve been able to put behind you? If so,
please share how you made this happen.



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  1. This is a very well-written post and made me stop and think. I tend to be a procrastinator. I wish you all the best with staying off the meds.
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