How To Use Essential Oils Throughout The Day

Now that I’ve been using Oils for a few months, I wanted to share with you how to use essential oils to help with daily life. At this point, we have integrated Oils into our home each day. We have found them to offer significant support to help make our lives more manageable.

I first started using Essential Oils in January and shared my initial experience with you on using essential oils to help naturally support my health at the end of March. Since then, my family and I have been using them regularly and have added several more oils to our collection.

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I am, by no means, an expert in essential oils. However, I have really enjoyed learning about them and learning different ways to use them. Up to this point, we have only diffused the oils or used them topically. We have yet to ingest any of the oils, but for no other reason than we just haven’t yet!

How To Use Essential Oils Throughout The Day

How to use essential oils throughout your day


During the week, the moment my feet hit the floor, it’s go time. I do not have any time to be shuffling around because I’m too groggy. In the mornings, I start out with diffusing Peppermint and Clarity for kids and myself. I also tend to put a little peppermint on my forehead and some Clarity behind my ears.

Unfortunately, I often wake up with a headache. It has yet to be determined whether it is sinus or migraine. It seems like it should be a sinus headache, but the migraine medicine has helped more frequently! My headaches always begin with a neck ache and a slight twinge of a headache. If I immediately grab my Stress Away and apply it to my neck, and then put peppermint in the area between and above my eyebrows, the headache and neck ache will start to almost immediately dissipate. Do not get Peppermint in your eyes. The reason I put Peppermint in this location is because that is where I tend to get my headaches – in that Frontal Sinus area.

Late Morning / Early Afternoon

how to use essential oils

Once the kids are off to school, I continue to diffuse Peppermint and Clarity. However, I will also add some Brain Power, Motivation and/or Envision. Brain Power is a must for me because it adds that focus I desperately need. I will add motivation if the task I have ahead of me is something I am trying to avoid, such as paying bills or cleaning. While Envision helps the creative juices flow for writing.

Late Afternoon / Early Evening

how to use essential oils

When the kids walk in the door from the bus, it is complete chaos. It truly drives me nuts, but I don’t see a way to get around it. They are all starving and they all want to share the details of their day all at the same time. 🙂 I suppose I should be grateful that they want to talk about their day! Since this is such a stressful time for me, I try to arm myself with Stress Away and Peace and Calming prior to them walking in the door. There are days I feel as though I am slathering myself with them! I will also diffuse both of the oils since the kids are pretty hyped up when they first get home. Then, when they start doing homework, I add Peppermint or Clarity to help improve their concentration. There are also times I will add a couple drops of Citrus Fresh or Lemon just to help support mental focus and alertness.


When it’s time to wind down for the evening, I diffuse Peace and Calming with Lavender. It smells heavenly! The kids get ready for bed and then head upstairs to do their reading before going to sleep. Before I go to bed, I apply Stress Away to the back of my neck, behind my ears, and to my wrists. I also put Peace and Calming on my forehead and temples.

how to use essential oils

This is just a small peek at the Oils we use most frequently throughout the week. However, there are days that we may use more or less than those listed above. Another interesting bit of information for you to digest here. Unlike Over-The-Counter drugs, Essential Oils actually get even more effective with continued use rather than less effective because of a tolerance build up.

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  1. Great post! I’m hearing more and more about these oils every day. A lot of my friends are really into them. I have never tried essential oils, but I have been curious about them. I think at some point, I am going to have to give them a try. I will save this for future reference, for when I decide to try them. I love how you have explained how to use them. It can be a little confusing. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this. Have a great day!

    Sarah 🙂

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