Ideal Summer Camp For Your Kiddo’s – Avoid Brain Drain

Summer brain drain is a known fact kids experience during summer break when not engaged in some type of learning. Unfortunately the days of putting away the books throughout the whole summer is really not the best thing to do for our kids. According the American Educational Research Association, students who do not continue with some academics throughout the summer, on average, tend to lose the equivalent of two month’s worth of grade-level math and reading skills. Luckily, there is an ideal summer camp that you are going to love hearing about.

Summer can be somewhat of a mixed bag here. I love having the kids home and spending time doing a lot of fun things with them. However, I also don’t want them not doing anything to keep up with the skills they’ve learned in school. Unfortunately, the kids recoil as though they are in physical pain at the mere mention of study time during the summer. That’s why, it is important to keep it fun so that it is not so obvious to them that they are still learning.

Ideal Summer Camp – Camp Galileo (*Discount Code Below*)

ideal summer camp

This is where Galileo Camps can help you out in a huge way. Galileo is more than just a summer camp, they have Innovation Approach® that includes 5 Key Mindsets. (Visionary, Collaborative, Determined, Courageous and Reflective) where projects are concerned.

  1. They work with your child to identify their goals.
  2. They collaborate with them to brainstorm and generate ideas.
  3. They talk about the importance of being Visionary as they begin their designs.
  4. The fun really begins as they Courageously start to create.
  5. Remember to stay Determined as they test their projects.
  6. It’s time to be Reflective as they evaluate what worked and what didn’t and start their re-design.

Here is more information about this amazing summer camp and their program:

Since 2002, Galileo has been shaping a new generation of innovators by teaching kids to explore, make mistakes and create without fear! Drawing from the innovation process inspired by the Stanford Galileo’s curriculum packs serious substance and sparks kids’ imagination from pre-k through 8th grade.

For kids pre-K through 5th grade, there’s Camp Galileo where campers take on art, science, and outdoor activities tailored to their level. They learn lasting innovation skills like collaboration and reflection and take home tangible creations like a rocket, photos inspired by Ansel Adams, or even an archery bow!

For kids entering 5th grade through 8th grade there’s Galileo Summer Quest. Campers can choose from 13 immersive majors, each confidence-building, collaboration-packed session gives them an opportunity to realize their personal vision in a new inspiring subject. Campers make short films, engineer catapults, whip up inventive dishes, design custom video games, and much much more.

One of the most impactful things about the Galileo experience is the staff and how much heart and energy they bring to camp every day. They screen thousands of applicants each year to find the absolute best people to work at their camps. The people they hire not only have the silly gene but a deep passion for education and developing young innovators as well.

My kids love trying new things, or coming with a new way to do something they enjoy. I enjoy watching my children come up with different ways to do things. Thinking “outside of the box” is such a great asset in life. My oldest daughter, Megan, who is 12 years old, loves anything crafty or artsy. Megan came across this different way to paint with water colors using q-tips.

Ideal summer camp

My 8-year-old twins joined in on the fun and created pictures by writing messages with a white crayon and then used water color to paint over it so the words would pop out.

Ideal summer camp

There are several classes in the Arts & Design Program that I know Megan would love. This particular section of the program is for older kids at Camp Galileo, for kids entering 4th through 8th grade. One of these classes is 3-D Animation, which utilizes state-of-the-art, industry standard animation software.

Galileo has summer camp programs for Pre-K through 8th Grade throughout California and Chicago. When you register your kiddos by February 29th for summer camp, be sure to use the Discount Code: 2016BOLD. This will save you $25 per week, plus an additional $40!

What do you do during the summer to ensure your kids do not experience summer brain drain?


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