Improve Math and Reading Skills With K5 Learning

K5 LogoI am so excited to be given an opportunity to review K5 Learning – Reading and Math Enrichment.  K5 Learning is designed to be an after school study program for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade.  It can also be used in conjunction with a homeschooling program.  This is an excellent way to build math, reading and study skills in children, especially if they are a little weak in one of the areas.

Improve Math and Reading Skills

Although this program is designed to improve math and reading skills, Megan has been very worried about math.  She started 4th grade this year, and although she has never worried in the past this year she feels a little overwhelmed.  I am really excited to see how her math skills improve with K5.  I also feel this should do a lot to help her gain more confidence.  She has always done very well in reading, however there is always room for improvement.  Plus, I think she could use some help in reading comprehension.  I think sometimes she tries to read through things too quickly just to get through but does not take in what she is reading.

I just set up my daughters account on the K5 website and have not done anything yet.  My daughter is actually in bed for the night already, but I am excited for her to try it out tomorrow.  From what I understand, the program initially has them doing grade appropriate work in the area of math and reading.  However, there are 8 assessments they are given in math and reading, which will help the program then give them lessons that are based on their assessments.  The program automatically choses the lessons and monitors their progress and provides reports to the parents.

This is supposed to supplement what they are already doing, so as to not overwhelm them they recommend doing the K5 lessons 3 times a week, or every other day.

I look forward to this review over the next several reviews, and will definitely keep you posted!


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