In Recognition of Earth Day – Tips to Greener Living

Sunday, April 22nd – Earth Day!  I think we are all pretty aware of the fact that our planet has seen better days.  The quality of both our air and water has deteriorated and continues to do so. We desperately need to conserve energy and we all be better with reducing waste.

Here are some great ways to not only celebrate Earth Day, but to continue on with throughout the year:

  1. Use low-flow faucets, shower heads and toilets.
  2. Start a compost
  3. Carpool or take public transportation
  4. Walk or ride a bike
  5. Lower your thermostat or buy a programmable one  
  6. Buy products that are non-toxic and chemical free.  This can be household cleaners, make-up, and nail polish.  This also includes personal products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant and even your toothpaste!
  7. Buy non-toxic household products that are super concentrated.  Most non-toxic products come in a bottle that you have to poor into a spray bottle, then you mix with water.  This way you can keep reusing the same bottles and a lot less plastic waste  since usually one bottle of the concentrated formula equals 4 -5 of those that are not concentrated.
  8. Use energy efficient light bulbs.
  9. Turn off lights, unplug electronics, power strips and surge protectors when not in use.
  10. Buy energy-efficient appliances.
  11. Buy energy-efficient windows.
  12. Bring your own bags to the grocery store, and if you do get any plastic bags take them to a facility that recycles them.  We have a local grocery store that takes plastic bags for recycling.
  13. Use cloth diapering for your baby.
  14. Buy a reusable water bottle, that’s BPA Free of course!  
  15. Use reusable lunch, sandwich and  lunch bags.  I throw my reusable lunch and snack bags in the dishwasher every night.  I do use a dishwasher detergent that has no phosphates, chlorine bleach, caustic chemicals, or harsh fumes.
  16. Plant a tree!
  17. Go paperless when possible, pay bills on-line, receive your bills on-line, and even read the newspaper on-line!
  18. Use cold water to do laundry
  19. Do not run the water while brushing your teeth
  20. Recycle, recycle, recycle!
  21. Use a rainwater collection system


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  1. Tiffany Hoyt says

    Those are some great tips. 🙂

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